Thursday, June 11, 2009

Raccoons in a Dumpster

Wild animals are active throughout Ottawa during the warmer months.  Raccoons can be seen walking through neighbourhoods in their quest for food.  Sometimes that quest gets them in trouble!  While it's easy for a raccoon to climb into a dumpster in search of some yummy garbage, it can be almost impossible for the raccoon to climb out.

Raccoons in a Dumpster
A raccoon mom with her kits, trapped in a dumpster.

Thankfully, this common problem has a simple solution.  If you spot a raccoon trapped in a dumpster, simply place a large 2x4 board or a large tree-branch in the dumpster.  This allows the raccoon to climb out of the dumpster, using the board or tree branch as a ramp.  As raccoons are nocturnal animals, we recommend leaving the ramp in the dumpster overnight, to allow the raccoon to escape when she feels safe.

Check on the raccoon the next morning.  If she's still in the dumpster despite the ramp escape route, she may be sick or injured.  That's when you need to call the OHS' Emergency Services at 613-725-1532 for help.

Saved raccoons!
The raccoon family takes refuge in a tree after being rescued.

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