Friday, July 24, 2009

Guinea pigs on the big screen and available for adoption at the OHS

July 24, 2009
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With guinea pigs of the animated variety set to hit the screen at theatres across North America today, the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) is reminding the community that guinea pigs not only make movie stars, but wonderful pets as well!

Currently, there are several guinea pigs waiting for adoption at the OHS, including Gladys, a cute two-year-old Abyssinian swirl pig. Guinea pigs are delightful companions for both adults and children, as they’re inquisitive, friendly and talkative. They’ll even emit squeals of delight if given treats like crisp greens of chunks of fresh fruit.

Much like their celebrity counterparts, guinea pigs do need careful handling and a special diet to keep them trim and fit! Guinea pigs also need daily exercise and play, though a high-priced trainer likely won’t be necessary. Nor will a splashy mansion in the Hollywood hills — a spacious cage, some appropriate toys, a bit of hay, a water bottle and a structure to hide under is all that’s really required to keep these local pigs happy and content.

Gladys the Guinea Pig

Gladys, a two-year-old guinea pig is one of several small animals currently available for adoption at the OHS.

In addition to guinea pigs, there are other small animals available for adoption at the OHS, including rabbits, chinchillas and birds. Summer can be a good time to introduce a new pet to your home. Many people enjoy family time off during the warm months, and the fact that children are home means lots of time for bonding. If you’ve been thinking about adding pet to your family, please consider adopting a small animal in need now! 

For more information on the many animals available for adoption, check the OHS website at or call the Adoption Centre at 613-725-3166 ext. 258.

For media enquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
613-725-3166 ext. 261

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