Friday, July 31, 2009

Just a Reminder… It’s HOT outside!

Hot Pepper JPG

With the weather looking sunny and hot for the August Civic long weekend, the Ottawa Humane Society would like to remind everyone to leave their dogs at home in a shaded or air-conditioned area, with access to lots of fresh, cool water.

NEVER leave a pet alone in a vehicle, even in the shade. Pets left in cars, or other unventilated areas, or tied in the sun, are susceptible to heat stroke. Since dogs have only a limited ability to sweat, even a short time in a hot environment can be life-threatening. Temperatures inside a parked car can rapidly reach dangerous levels even on relatively mild days, and even if the windows are slightly open. A dog's normal body temperature is 39°C and a temperature of 41°C can be withstood only for a very short time before irreparable brain damage or death can occur.

If you see a dog left alone in a hot car this weekend, please call the OHS Emergency Services Department at 613-725-1532.  Our operator will ask you for the license plate number, the vehicle description, and other details, to quickly dispatch an OSPCA agent to rescue the dog.

 We wish everyone a happy and safe long weekend!

Hot Doberman

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