Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photographing Bonk Bonk!

Bonk Bonk!

Bonk Bonk! earned his name from his love of cuddling and giving head-butts. (Yes, it's Bonk Bonk! with an exclamation point!)  This fire-coloured two year old neutered male cat posed for his portrait yesterday.  Photographing cats can often be a challenge, as most cats would rather check out the photo studio or sit on the photographer's lap.  Very, very rarely does a cat want to sit still and smile for the camera.

Bonk Bonk! had to be bribed with cat treats.  His loving gaze is not directed at a human, but at the bag of catnip-flavoured kitty cookies.  Below are a couple of out-takes from his photo session.

Bonk Bonk! 3

Bonk Bonk! 2

Bonk Bonk! (A105040) is currently available for adoption at the OHS.

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