Monday, September 14, 2009

It’s Luke!

Luke 2

Meet Luke (A097981), a one year old, neutered, Lab/Greyhound Mix. He is one outgoing and extremely social boy. Shelter staff describe him as having springs in his feet as he is always on the move within his kennel, but once out in the ‘real world’ he is far more polite! Luke is happy-go-lucky and loves to meet new people, he is one charming boy! He is active and will need lots of on-leash activity, as he is true to his sight hound nature and will chase small animals if given the chance. Luke, like most hounds, is highly ‘treat’ motivated so new training should be a breeze. He is best suited to a home with slightly older kids (8+) who want to participate in his training. Shelter staff also thinks that enrolling him into obedience classes would be a fun family activity (and will aid in socializing and training him). If you are looking for an eager to please, fun-loving and affectionate pooch, come and meet him today and we promise-you will never be bored with this guy!!

Luke is a dog


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