Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mosely (formerly known as Luke) at Home

Luke is a dogHello everyone,

It's been 2 weeks since I found my furrever home!!! I arrived safely at my new home in the country to start my new life as Mosely. I was so excited I did not know what to do at first. After walking the property several times with my parents, I was led into the house by my older sister, Maggie. I was given a nice bed to sleep on, although I prefer to sleep on the bed with my parents. It was nice just the same. Maggie has graciously shared her toy box with me, what a selection. We have bones, ropes, squeaky stuffed toys and balls.

Maggie also introduced me to my bird brother, Archie. He is a cute little budgie that sings often, but I truly don't pay any attention to him. I am working on many new things, such as, my puppy manners, learning to use a doggy door and playing gently with our toys. I have had a few mishaps in the house, but am now confident to use the doggy door or tell my parents I need to go outside. We have 2 very close friends next door, Joey and Cleo, golden labs. I have also run circles around another friend from down the street, Trigger, a golden retriever.


There is so much to do here. We have explored many trails and ponds. I am still adjusting to all the sounds of the country, but each day is getting better. I know a few new commands and learning not to jump up. I intent to be an excellent addition to this family. My parents say that I already am.

Please give my regards to my friends, both human and canine, at the shelter and remind them all that they too will be given a new home which they will have forever. I will send you another update sometime soon.

Mosley at home

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