Friday, November 6, 2009

Breaking Ground: The Devil is in the Details

Architectural Plans

A lot of work is going into the details that will ensure the new facility is functional and serves the needs of Ottawa’s animals now and in the future. Decisions like locations for telephones and network connections, lighting systems and drains, and all the other particulars that make up a complex building will be important to consider now in order that the building remains a healthy and functional for years to come. OHS staff are busy researching and compiling this information to pass on to the architects.

“It’s amazing just how many details there are in a facility like this,” says OHS Executive Director Bruce Roney, who is coordinating the staff input. “It is important that we get this right, for the sake of future animals.”

The OHS is fortunate to be able to draw upon the experience of our colleagues at the Edmonton and Winnipeg Humane Societies which opened new shelters three months and two years ago, respectively.

To learn more about Breaking Ground, our new building campaign, please visit our Breaking Ground website!

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