Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Tails: Berkley

Berkley 2

I just wanted to thank all of the OHS staff for all their hard work. We adopted a kitty now known as Berkley a few months back. He had some pretty big shoes to fill as we had just lost our 17 year old boy shortly before we got him.

When we came to adopt Berkley the staff was excellent it was right near closing time, the minute we walked in the door we were greeted by your staff and brought directly to him.  So thank you so much for all your efforts, if it wasn't for you guys we would never had the opportunity to have such a great little guy in our lives.


He is doing really well, he keeps growing and growing and we are wondering if he will ever stop. He's really smart and has learned to walk with me on a leash.

Berkley and Marley

Shortly after we got him a kitten was given to us. We weren't sure what he would be like with new friend.  I have never seen a male cat be such a good mom, he took the kitten under his "wing".  And to this day they are always found playing or sleeping together!

So big thanks to all of you guys, you do great work, keep it up!


P.S. I have also enclosed a picture of Berkley's outdoor play run: maybe it will give other people ideas to keep their kitties safe while letting them get a little fresh air.

Cat Run

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