Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear Santa, please send Rory a new home for Christmas

Christmas Rory

Dear Santa,

There's just one thing the staff at the Ottawa Humane Society are asking for this Christmas. A new home for Rory!

Rory is a wonderful two-year-old Pointer mix who has been at the shelter for more than four months. That's a long time for any dog, let alone a spirited boy like Rory! He deserves to be in a home where he has space to run and play, and to be surrounded by people who love him.

We just know that Rory would make a great addition to the right family. He does need owners who will take proper care of him though. Rory is a talented escape artist, so his new humans will have to keep close tabs on him to ensure he stays close to home.

From the day he arrived at the OHS in August, Rory has charmed everyone here. We've tried to keep him busy while he waited patiently to be adopted. He spent several weeks in a foster home where he picked up a few tricks and learned to get along with other dogs and people. The foster volunteer also purchased Rory a wireless fence to keep him safe, which he'll get to bring with him when he's adopted.

We also sent Rory to school for a couple of weeks. Actually, he was a participant in our LEAD (Leadership Education with Adolescents and Dogs) program, where he played with other dogs all day long, and worked with young people to hone his obedience skills.

Santa, please do everything you can to make this great dog's dreams could come true this Christmas. Rory has been waiting far too long for a new home, and we don't want him to wait any longer.

The staff at the Ottawa Humane Society

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