Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Tails: Tulip

Dear Ottawa Humane Society:

Tulip 2
Our first meeting at the OHS.  Who could resist this face.

This morning when the snow storm was just picking up I was thinking of how on the same day last year we had a storm that was very similar.  My day today is much the same as last year but for our cat, Tulip, her day couldn't be more different.  She was rescued in mid-December of 2008 and likely endured the storm like the one today, outside without food, water or shelter and possibly injured.  She came to the OHS in bad shape, a respiratory infection, her front right leg was broken, she had injuries on her shoulder that were infected and abscessed.  The OHS staff named her Sally, when we adopted her my daughters chose the new name of Tulip.  Today she lounged on the floor with a full tummy purring as her chin was scratched. 

Tulip 3
Hanging out with her fur sisters watching a family of bluejay chicks in the backyard.

She spent almost 6 months in the care of the OHS before she came home with us in June.  Her infections were treated and her leg was amputated but none of her ordeal seemed to have phased the beautiful loving nature of this cat.  Her sweet nature even won over the other two cats we already had (Mimmy 11 years and Oracle 2 years), and I think our home saw the most uneventful cat integration possible.

Tulip 1
Checking out the view.

It's wonderful that the OHS is able to care so many animals each year that otherwise would suffer sadly shortened lives.  Thank you for helping Tulip so that we for years to come and enjoy the affection and love she shares with everyone who walks into our home.

~ Lynette

Tulip 4
Relaxing at home.

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