Friday, January 29, 2010

Brrr… It’s cold outside!

It’s Cold Outside

Brrr... It's cold outside! Check out our Cold Weather Tips for Pets.

If you see an animal in distress or without adequate shelter from the cold this weekend, please do not hesitate to call the Ottawa Humane Society Emergency Unit at 613-725-1532.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Leo: OHS Pet of the Week

Leo A095923

Leo (A095923) is a 5.5 year old neutered male Pekingese dog. He needs experienced dog owners who can work on his stubbornness. While he loves to meet new people, he is best-suited for an adult-only, cat-free home. This breed is known for their imperial attitude, and Leo is no exception! To learn more about Leo, contact the Ottawa Humane Society's Adoption Centre at 613-725-3166 ext. 258.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January is a good time to start training regime for your dog

January 27 , 2010
For immediate release

The start of a new year is traditionally a time for resolutions and determination to adopt lifestyle changes. January can also be the perfect month for new pet owners to begin a training regime for their new dog. Starting a course now will ensure a properly behaved canine for spring — when the weather warms up and outdoor time beckons!

A common reason owners surrender dogs to animal shelters is because of behaviour issues. Many behaviour issues can be corrected if properly addressed right off the bat. The Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) advocates training for all pet owners, even if they have previously owned a dog or trained one in the past. Starting a new pet relationship with a training program from the beginning is a fun way to get to know your dog and sets the stage for a successful relationship. An informational brochure on dog training tips is available from the OHS at

When it comes to selecting a trainer, choose someone you’re comfortable with. It’s a good idea to get recommendations or references, and observe a class beforehand. This will give you a chance to ask the trainer questions and talk to people in the class about their experiences.

AbbeyBefore you sign up, determine exactly what you want to get out of the class, such as behaviour change or skill development. If possible, choose a trainer who will come to you and help in the environment where you need help (e.g. in your home or at the dog park). Do not choose a trainer who uses techniques that frighten or inflict pain on the animal.

The OHS has many dogs currently looking for new homes who have already received some basic training. While dogs wait at the shelter to be adopted, OHS staff and volunteers work with them to hone manners and instill good behaviour. Abbey (below) is a year-old Beagle mix who has benefitted from some of this on-site training. While she’s a friendly girl who knows some basic commands, she would benefit from some ongoing obedience lessons to help conquer her stubbornness.

For more information on Abbey, or any of the other animals available for adoption, visit, or call the OHS Adoption Centre at 613-725-3166 ext. 258.

For media inquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
(613) 725-3166 ext. 261

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ottawa Humane Society holds first microchip clinic of year on Sunday

January 26 , 2010
For immediate release

lost dog

If your pet goes missing this winter, what are the chances it will find its way home? The Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) is urging animal lovers to take precautions by ensuring that if their dog or cat becomes lost, it has the best possible chance of a safe return — by implanting a grain-sized microchip offering permanent, lifelong identification.

The OHS is holding its first microchip clinic of the year this weekend at its Champagne Avenue location. The clinic takes place as follows:

When:Sunday, January 31 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. By appointment only
Cost:$45 (incl. GST) for each animal, two for $85, three for $125 and four for $165
Where:Ottawa Humane Society 101 Champagne Avenue South, just off Carling Avenue, one block west of Preston Street

Call the OHS at 613-725-3166, ext. 221 or e-mail to book your appointment today!

All proceeds will benefit the animals at the OHS. Animals should be in a carrier or on a leash. Owners should bring vaccination records and one piece of photo ID (for example, driver’s licence).

For more information, visit

For media inquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
(613) 725-3166 ext. 261

Friday, January 22, 2010

Socrates: OHS Pet of the Week

Socrates (A112021)

Socrates (A112021) is a five year old, neutered gentleman cat looking to be the newest member of a caring family. He is a sweet and affectionate kind of guy: he loves to find a spot to snuggle! If he sounds like the purrfect match for you, then contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or at

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Theodore: a Buddy & Belle Animal Profile


Hi there! My name is Theodore and I am a seven-month-old kitty. I was found as a stray in mid-September 2009 and brought to the OHS by a kind Ottawa resident who noticed I was having some trouble using one of my legs. The person who found me was so intent on trying to help me reunite with my family that they put up poster in my neighbourhood, advertising that I was lost. And guess what? It worked!


Unfortunately, when my owners found me and took me to a vet, they realized were unable to afford the medical bills needed to fix my leg. So they decided to surrender me to the OHS in an effort to help me. While waiting to be assessed for treatment I developed an upper-respiratory infection (URI). It’s kind of like a cat cold, but way more serious — especially for a young cat like me! The OHS staff took great care of me though, giving me medicine and helping me get better as quickly as possible so that my leg could be taken care of.


Once I was well enough to make it to the clinic, the veterinary explained to me that they had decided to do X-rays on my leg while I was under anesthetic to be neutered. They discovered that I had broken my hip and fractured my distal femur. The vet told me that that’s just a fancy way of saying that I had also broken my knee. They decided that the best course of treatment would be to amputate my leg, since even with surgery it would likely not heal properly and I would adapt better to an amputation.

I was pretty scared to lose my leg, but it turns out the OHS staff were right! After my surgery, my leg healed very quickly, and it wasn’t long before I was jumping and playing just like before. I’m currently looking for my new forever home, but hopefully by the time you read this, I will already be curled up on my new owner’s lap!


UPDATE: Good news, I have been adopted and am loving my new forever home!

Please help Theodore, and other animals like him in need of emergency animal treatment, by making a donation.

Juniper’s Dueling Chef Challenge

Juniper’s Dueling Chef Challenge is a head to head culinary competition, involving chefs from Ottawa and the Ottawa valley region, hosted by Juniper Kitchen and Wine Bar.

Juniper Dining

Events will take place Monday nights, starting on January 11, 2010 through to March 15, 2010.  There will be no competition on Monday February 15

The competition will involve two teams: Team Juniper and the team representing the restaurant/chef invited on the chosen Monday evening. 

Each team will consist of three members:  each Chef working with two other cooks.  The teams will have a set amount of time to produce a four course tasting menu to be served to a live audience, as well as to the Judges working on the evening.  The Teams will be competing for bragging rights on any given Monday night over the winter of 2010.

The schedule:

  • January 25th the Court Yard

  • February 1st Benitz Bistro

  • February 8th Lago

  • February 22nd Castel Garth

  • March 1st

  • March 8th Absinthe Cafe

  • March 15th Sweet grass Bistro

Non-competition canap├ęs and cocktails will begin at 6:30 p.m., with service to follow at 7:00 p.m.  Service will be completed around 9 p.m. with the winning team announced shortly thereafter.

Juniper kitchen and Wine Bar is working together with local sponsors, Sasloves Meat Market, Beaus Brewery, and C.A Paridis, in an effort to support local charities this winter.

50 tickets available for each Monday night event, tickets selling for $135.00 plus tax and gratuity, all food and beverages included. Proceeds from each night will be donated to local charities, including the Ottawa Humane Society.

Check out Ron Eade's blog post about the first night of the competition!

For further information on Dueling Chefs 2010, please contact
Greg O’Brien 613-728-0220 or email

Friday, January 15, 2010

OHS Pet of the Week: Mischief


Mischief (A112239) is a cute and cuddly 6 year old spayed female cat. She is mostly grey tabby with splashes of orange! This friendly lady loves attention. While she may be older, like a fine wine, pets improve with age. To learn more about Mischief, contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 258.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Buddy & Belle Animal Profile: China


Yip! That’s hello in dog. My name is China and I am a Yorkshire Terrier mix. I moved into what I thought was my new forever home, but unfortunately before I was even able to settle in I took a bad fall and broke my front leg. I was brought into the Ottawa Humane Society by my owners because they were unable to afford my medical costs. They were extremely upset at the thought of giving me up, but they knew that the OHS might be able to give me a chance at using my leg again!

China 2

I was pretty upset at having to leave my new home, but the people at the OHS made me feel so much better. They helped control the pain in my leg with medicine and made sure I was able to rest comfortably. A nice veterinarian told me I would need surgery to heal my fracture. I guess that will teach me to sit still next time!

Following my surgery, I was fitted with a fibreglass cast for my recovery. The staff even made sure to wrap it in a pink bandage — my favourite colour!

china xray

I am currently resting in a foster volunteer’s home and making regular trips back to the OHS to have the vet look at my leg and make sure it’s healing properly. Once I’ve completely recovered, I will be ready to start looking for my new forever home. I’m so excited, I can hardly wait!


To help China, and other animals like her in need of emergency animal treatment, visit our Buddy and Belle Fund page.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Memorable Adoption Stories of 2009

Each year, thousands of terrific cats, dogs and small animals, through no fault of their own, come through the doors of the Ottawa Humane Society. Their circumstances and stories are varied: some are abandoned by owners who can't, or choose not to provide care, while others are rescued or removed from abusive situations. Other animals are left alone when an owner dies, or moves away, while hundreds of others wander away from home and become lost. Regardless of how these animals come to us, your support helps us give them a second chance at a happy life.

Thanks to you, we were able to find new, forever homes for thousands of animals in 2009. These happy endings motivate and inspire us to continue on in our sometimes difficult work. We want to share with you a few of last year's most memorable adoption stories — and thank you again for everything you've done to help these animals and others in our community.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

OHS applauds fair sentence in animal cruelty case against local farmer

January 5 , 2010
For immediate release

The Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) is pleased with a ruling handed down today against a Navan-area farmer who was found guilty of three acts animal cruelty after a dog and various livestock were found on his property without adequate food and water and lacking appropriate care.

Maurice Mouawad, 54, appeared in Provincial Offences Court this morning after being charged in October with animal cruelty for permitting distress to and not meeting the standards of care for animals in his possession. Mr. Mouawad was found guilty on three counts related to a dog, ducks and rabbits. He was fined $1,000 for cruelty against a nine-year-old Rottweiler-type dog, found with an apparent injury to its right hind leg. Mr. Mouawad was ordered to seek veterinary treatment for the dog, but opted to surrender the animal to the OHS instead. An OHS veterinarian later humanely euthanized the dog, due to the extent of its injuries and overall health. Mr. Mouawad was ordered to pay $250 restitution to the OHS, and is prohibited from owning a dog for the next five years.

Mr. Mouawad was additionally fined $500 for each of two charges related to livestock on his farm, which were found lacking adequate food and water, and living in filthy conditions. He is also prohibited from owning livestock for a period of two years beginning Jan. 19, allowing him time to remove animals currently on his property.

"The judge today issued a fair sentence in what is a precedent-setting case for us," said OHS Inspector Tim Brown, who testified at the trial. "We hope that this ruling acts as a deterrent to other hobby farmers who may raise animals for meat. No matter their intended purpose, consideration must be given to an animal’s well-being and welfare throughout the course of its life."

The sentence also included OHS inspection rights on Mr. Mouawad's property over the prohibition period to ensure that conditions are being met.

Today's trial marks the first time the OHS has had a case proceed to trial since the organization began laying charges under the new provincial animal cruelty act, which came into effect in March of 2009.

Although legally mandated to enforce the animal cruelty provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada and the Ontario SPCA Act, the OHS does not receive any government funding or funding from any animal welfare group to perform this essential work.

For media inquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
(613) 725-3166 ext. 261

Monday, January 4, 2010


Vlad 1

Hello feline friends…meet Vladimir (A111294) ! He is a handsome 4 year old, neutered gentleman looking for his fun-loving and forever family.

Vladimir is such and sweet and loving little guy, and always comes to the front of his cage for snuggles. Vladimir is looking for an adult only family, as he prefers to have all of the attention to himself!

He is also a 'Special Needs' adoption as he suffers from FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease), so he will need to be on a special, prescription diet to help control his issues.

Vlad 2

If you are looking for a sweet-natured, affectionate and loving kitty, look no further and take this guy home today! To learn more, contact the OHS Adoption Centre by email or call them at 613-725-3166 ext. 258.

OHS Year in Review: 2009

View our OHS Year in Review: 2009 slideshow!

2009 in Review slideshow

Warm Hearts raffle tickets still available!

Warm Hearts

OHS Warm Hearts Raffle tickets are still available! Tickets are reasonably priced at $5 each or 5 for $20, and the prizes are terrific! The draw takes place on March 12 , 2010 (1 p.m. at the Ottawa Humane Society).

First Prize: Cruise the Caribbean. Sail on Holland America’s Eurodam, oceanview cabin, 7 nights/8 days, departing Nov. 13, 2010 from Fort Lauderdale. Airfare, accommodation and taxes included. Value $3,000. Winner can claim consolation prize of $1,500 cash.
Second Prize: Trip for two to celebrate the holidays Las Vegas style at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club at the Flamingo, Dec. 24-31, 2010. Airfare, accommodation and taxes included. Value $2,500. Winner can claim consolation prize of $1,250 cash.
Third Prize: Sony Bravia 40″ 1080p LCD HDTV. Value $1,600.
Fourth Prize: HP Pavilion 17″ Laptop Computer. Value $800.
Fifth Prize:$500 shopping spree from HBC (The Bay, Zellers and Home Outfitters)
Sixth Prize:Garmin Nuvi 765T Car GPS Navigation System. Value $400.
Seventh Prize:Sony 6″ eBook R eader with Touchscreen. Value $400.
Eighth Prize:Canon PowerShot 12.1MP Digital Camera. Value $300.
Ninth Prize:Apple 32GB 3rd Generation iPod Touch. Value $300.
Tenth Prize:Sony Micro Hi-Fi Component System. Value $125.

How to obtain your tickets

  • Come to the OHS at 101 Champagne South and purchase in person, between Monday and Friday 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Call our ticket hotline to charge to your credit card: 613-725-3166 ext. 252

  • Download, print and mail a ticket order form!

12,000 tickets printed — City of Ottawa Licence No. M623083. Must be 18 years or older to participate in the lottery event.

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