Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Memorable Adoption Stories of 2009

Each year, thousands of terrific cats, dogs and small animals, through no fault of their own, come through the doors of the Ottawa Humane Society. Their circumstances and stories are varied: some are abandoned by owners who can't, or choose not to provide care, while others are rescued or removed from abusive situations. Other animals are left alone when an owner dies, or moves away, while hundreds of others wander away from home and become lost. Regardless of how these animals come to us, your support helps us give them a second chance at a happy life.

Thanks to you, we were able to find new, forever homes for thousands of animals in 2009. These happy endings motivate and inspire us to continue on in our sometimes difficult work. We want to share with you a few of last year's most memorable adoption stories — and thank you again for everything you've done to help these animals and others in our community.



JezebelThis four-year-old Belgian Malinois mix arrived as a stray in May. She didn't fare well in our crowded shelter, as all the other animals and commotion caused severe stress. Soon after she was spayed and had a lump removed in our clinic, Jezebel went to a foster home where the environment was much quieter.

Our foster volunteer worked wonders with this loveable dog over many months, making frequent trips back to the shelter for veterinary checkups, dental work and more surgery after Jezebel split her tail and it had to be docked.

It was during that visit back to the shelter that her new owner spotted her and immediately fell in love. He waited patiently for weeks while Jezebel's tail healed, and he finally adopted her in December. Today the pair have bonded and Jezebel is thriving in her new home!


MorkyMorky is a 15-year-old Lhasa Apso whose previous owners were unable to care for him, so he was removed by our team of rescue agents and brought to the shelter.

When he arrived, Morky's sweet face was virtually hidden by his severely overgrown fur, and he was suffering from a bad ear infection, overgrown nails and dental problems. Lurking behind that disheveled exterior was a soft-natured and gentle creature, which became evident after we shaved off nearly a pound and a half of matted, dirty fur!

Morky became part of our Buddy & Belle fund, where donors like you helped fund his medical care and prepare him for a new life.

Morky found his forever home in July, after spending more than two months with us. His new owners tell us Morky enjoys spending time with the other dogs in the house, and loves his daily naps!


RoryRory was perhaps our best known adoption story of last year, thanks to your help — and Santa's!

This two-year-old Pointer mix came to us in the summer, surrendered because of his high-energy levels and escape artist tendencies. He went to a foster home with lots of space where he could run around and learn some manners.

Rory waited and waited for a new home, and while many people were attracted by his good looks, none of the matches proved right. Rory was featured as our pet of the week many times, and profiled in video on our blog.

Finally, in December, we wrote a letter to Santa asking him to send Rory a new home for Christmas. It turns out that Santa was listening! Rory found his perfect new on Dec. 17.

His new owner tells us that Rory loves to play tug of war with his doggie sister, and enjoys watching the birds at the feeder outside the patio window.



Paul came to us after his owners surrendered him in August because they were moving.

During his stay with us, 14-year-old Paul was treated for roundworm, URI (a severe cat cold) and conjunctivitis at our in-house clinic. Despite his various ailments, sweet Paul never lost his affectionate disposition.

Paul was finally adopted at the end of November, by an owner who has other “retirees”. Today, Paul's enjoying a room of his own with his very own window, and is very much loved.


MollyMolly was a sweet six-year-old cat who came to us after her owner passed away in early spring. She was so scared when she arrived that we immediately moved her upstairs to our less-crowded office area, away from the noise and confusion of our shelter.

She spent her first few days cowering in her cage under a blanket, where she would nervously peer out at anyone who walked by. Slowly, Molly grew accustomed to her new surroundings and ventured out of her box. After a few days, she was eating well and responding eagerly to chin scratches and pats, purring to anyone who would take the time to chat with her.

Molly was adopted in July, and now spends her days lounging and snuggling contentedly.


TashaTasha is a year-and-a-half old cat who survived a fall from a seventh floor balcony in early October. She injured her leg in the accident, and Tasha's owners weren't able to afford the veterinary care needed, so they opted to surrender the cat to us for a chance to save her life.

Tasha was in a lot of pain when she arrived at our clinic, but we gave her medication to help her feel better. Unfortunately, the break in her leg was too severe to properly fix, so amputation was the only answer.

Tasha also received medication for URI (a severe cat cold), and spent many weeks recovering in a foster home. Soon she was running and playing on three legs, eventually finding her forever home in mid-December!

For a look at other ways you helped us in 2009, view our year in review slideshow.

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