Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lena: OHS Pet of the Week


Are you looking for an affectionate and cuddly friend? If so, Lena (A112322) may be the feline you're looking for. This quiet and friendly lady is only a year old. Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, she is ready to share her purrs with the purrfect family. To learn more about adopting Lena, contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or at




Breaking Ground: See Design Influences on the New OHS Shelter!

small chihuahuaVisit to see pictures taken at the Edmonton and Winnipeg Humane Societies. Both shelters — one less than a year old and the other about two and half — have influenced the OHS shelter design heavily. According to Executive Director, Bruce Roney, "We have tried to learn from the best of both facilities, and the very few aspects that didn't work as well, so that we get our new shelter right. You can read all the books you want, but seeing a new, functional shelter in operation really allows you to make good decisions about the layout and design."

A slide show and commentary are now posted on the site. To get a sneak peek at what the interiors are going to look like, visit the campaign site today!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Tails: Purdy

Good morning Ottawa Humane Society:


Back in September we adopted Matilda, now named Purdy. I said I was going to send you an update and some pictures.

Purdy 225

Purdy has adjusted well to us and our two cats. She has learned to sit, lay down, give the paw (each paw), high 5 (each paw), sit pretty, stay (works most times) and give. But that needs more work. She loves to go for walks and play. Her favorite toy is a laser. She loves chasing that dot. She has her way of getting us to understand that she wants us to play with her and the laser. It's so funny.

Purdy 45

She has lots of character and expressions. She does not lick faces, and is very good with kids and other animals.

Purdy New Years

The one thing we do need to work on is her digging. But besides that we love her lots and don't regret one moment.  ~ France

Meet the Elegant Maeve

Maeve A111682

Hello my name is Maeve (A111682) and I’m a beautiful and elegant 7 year old, spayed brown tabby cat. I love to curl up beside you for some love and attention. Things only get better with age, and I’m no exception to the rule! If you are looking for a cat that can’t destroy your furniture then look no further as I’m declawed on my two front paws. This will mean I need to be an indoor only cat; which I seem to be very comfortable with! I can’t wait to meet a loving family with a stable and predictable environment so I can enjoy the rest of my fruitful days to come! To learn more about me, contact the OHS Adoption Centre by email or by calling 613-725-3166 ext. 258.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you Ottawa!

Faith is healing Thank you Ottawa, for helping Faith! Earlier this month we told you the story this three-month-old husky, the abuse she suffered, and the charges we laid in the hopes of finding her justice. We asked you to help us pay for her needed medical treatments, and you came through! Your caring resulted in $2670 to help aid in Faith’s recovery. Because of your generosity, this loving dog has a much deserved second chance.

While Faith continues to recover in a foster volunteer's home, our work isn't done at the Ottawa Humane Society. Every day animals are brought to us who need specialized care and attention before they’re ready for new homes. Animals like Dutchie, who came to us with a severely injured tail; Fritz, who came to us after being hit by a car; and Pumpkin, a stray cat who needed an emergency caesarian-section to help her give birth to nine tiny kittens. With your help we can continue to give these homeless and loving animals a much deserved second chance.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Ottawa Animal Advocate

bunny wabbit 2Have you signed up for our monthly email newsletter? The Ottawa Animal Advocate is one way for us to communicate with you, our OHS supporters, on a timely basis. We use the e-bulletin to bring you stories from the shelter, tales of animals who need your help, or updates and developments in the world of animal welfare across our community and beyond.

If you would like to read about our work helping Ottawa's animals, you can sign up to have the Ottawa Animal Advocate delivered to your inbox. You can also read past email newsletters on our website, at

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brandy: OHS Pet of the Week


Brandy (A111940) is a sweet and outgoing five year old, spayed female dog, looking to be the newest member of a dog-experienced family. Brandy is strong-willed and active, so obedience classes are recommended as a fun way for the family to train her and bond with her. Brandy needs an adult home with no felines to chase! If you have room in your heart for Brandy, contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or at


Breaking Ground: Our story so far…

Breaking Ground

As you may know, our Breaking Ground Building Campaign was officially announced at our FurBall Gala less than a year ago.

Of course, a lot of preparation went into this project before then. The need for a new facility has been recognized since the early 80's, but in 2005, the OHS developed a full needs assessment for the project. The search for a new location began in earnest in the summer of 2006, and it took a full two years to identify a suitable location, with the West Hunt Club purchase completed in December 2008. MHPM were hired as our project managers in April of 2009, and the firm assisted us with the process for selecting the prime architect—Barry Hobin and Associates—and assisted us in retaining specialist architect, George Miers. MHPM also assisted us in retaining some of the specialized consultants that are required to complete the project.

Now the plans are over 50 percent complete and the pre-qualification for construction companies has begun. Stay tuned for further updates!

271 West Hunt Club
Location of the future home of the Ottawa Humane Society!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mugs the Hamster

Mugs the Hamster

Hi Small Animal Fans! Meet Mugs (A112950)! She is a young, female, tan and white Teddy Bear Hamster. Mugs and her 10 hamster pals are looking for their loving and forever families! Mugs enjoys being pet and cuddled, more in the evening, as hamsters are primarily nocturnal. Mugs, along with all of her pals, are not hard to please. They are simply looking for a friend who will play with them, feed them and give them some playtime outside of their cages. So if you are looking for a low-maintenance, entertaining little critter to make your home complete, look no further and take home a hamster today!

To adopt Mugs or any of her friends, contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or at

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Please note: the OHS is closed on Monday, February 15!

Just a little note that the Ottawa Humane Society will be closed on Family Day (Monday, February 15, 2010).  Our regular hours resume on Tuesday.  Happy Family Day, Chinese New Year, Olympics, and Winterlude!

closed on monday

Friday, February 12, 2010

Cupid, please find true love for Bianca this Valentine’s Day

Bianca Valentine

Dear Cupid,

This Valentine's Day, we're hoping you can make a permanent love match for Bianca, a gorgeous four-year-old white cat with amazing eyes and sparkling personality.

Bianca's a sassy single mom who arrived at the Ottawa Humane Society as a stray back in September, with one kitten in tow. She had been fending for herself after her owner moved away and she was left behind. Despite the hard knocks life threw her way, Bianca's spirit was unbroken. Shortly after her arrival at the shelter, she and her babe went to foster care until the kitten was old enough to fend for itself. Now that her kitten's all grown up and out of the house, Bianca's ready to devote herself to a new relationship — hopefully one that will last forever!

Anyone who takes on Bianca should know that life with this glamorous and available gal will never be boring. Bianca's the type of free spirit some may call a princess. She certainly dislikes cage life, and would be very happy to rule your roost. Somewhat frosty at first glance, she's very particular about doling out affection. Pets and cuddles will be on her terms, but if she wants to snuggle, she won't be shy about letting you know.

Bianca's been searching for her perfect new relationship for more five months. That's a long time to be lonely! Cupid, please strike an arrow into the heart of someone special and help Bianca find the true loving home she deserves.

Staff at the Ottawa Humane Society

OHS sees increase in number of animals surrendered for financial reasons

February 12, 2010
For immediate release

Two Ottawa men have been charged with animal cruelty after a three-month-old husky puppy was violently thrown against a table, resulting in severe injuries and head trauma to the animal.

The Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) has seen a 57 per cent increase in the number of animals surrendered because their owners are unable to afford necessary medical treatment or general care.

The numbers are confirmation of a trend the OHS has long suspected, as more and more pet owners rely on the organization for help.

"The reality is that we are the last resort for so many pet owners in the community," said OHS Executive Director, Bruce Roney. "Thousands of animals come to us every year because people are either unable or unwilling to care for them. Our job is to open the doors to all of these animals and help them to the best of our abilities."

Jonas the cat is one animal recently handed over by an owner who couldn't afford treatment. The eight-month-old cat has a broken leg, likely the result of being hit by a car while roaming outside. Jonas' owner took him to a local vet clinic when she noticed the young cat limping, and when the costly bill for X-rays loomed, the owner opted to surrender Jonas to the OHS in an effort to save his life. At the OHS clinic, Jonas received pain medication to ease his suffering and his anxious nerves were calmed by staff. If Jonas' leg heals properly, he likely won't require surgery — but amputation is still a possibility. In the meantime, Jonas will be neutered and fostered until he's ready for adoption.

Jonas' companion in the clinic is Roxy, a six-month-old German shepherd/lab-mix puppy who broke her leg after she jumped off a freezer. Roxy's owner wasn't able to pay for the cost to treat her leg, so Roxy was turned over to the OHS to save her life. Roxy's young age means the $500 surgery needed to fix the ligaments in her leg might have to wait until she's older and her bones have finished growing. In the meantime, this friendly pup will go to a quiet foster home for the next month so she can rest and heal.

Jonas and Roxy are just two of the hundreds of animals who will come through the doors of the OHS this year in urgent need of medical treatment and care. While not able to help every animal that arrives with such extensive injuries, with no government funding or support, the OHS relies on the generosity of donors in the community to carry out this life-saving work. To make a gift to help Jonas and Roxy and other animals in need, visit


Jonas the cat and Roxy the dog are two animals recently surrendered to the OHS because their owners couldn't afford the medical treatment needed to repair the animals' broken legs. The OHS has seen a 57 per cent increase in animals being given up due to financial reasons.

For media inquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
(613) 725-3166 ext. 261

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mule: OHS Pet of the Week


Meet Mule (A112231), a two year old neutered male cat. He is quite the gentleman: he loves to meet new people and receive their attention. This friendly and active cat loves to follow people around from room to room. If you're looking for an active new friend, Mule may be the cat for you. To learn more, contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or at

Your true love is waiting for you… at the Ottawa Humane Society

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Faith, Day 1

Faith first came to the OHS in early January, unable to walk or even stand. The three-month-old husky puppy sustained massive injuries after her owner threw her across the room for urinating on the floor. Faith landed violently on a coffee table, causing a black eye, damage to her neck, as well as extensive nerve damage that affected her ability to stand on her own four legs.

For two days she sat alone and afraid.

Instead of being rushed for emergency care after her attack, Faith lay suffering in a cold garage for nearly two days until she was finally seen by a veterinarian. Her caretaker didn’t want to pay the fees required for the vet exam, so Faith was brought to the OHS. We immediately bandaged her wounds, gave her medication to ease her pain, and sent her to a warm foster home where the extent of her injuries will be monitored and a course of treatment determined.

Because of your support, Faith will get to have a second chance.

Faith, feeling happier at the OHSFaith’s attacker has been charged, but the immediate task of caring for Faith and healing her is pressing. Faith has survived incredible pain and suffering already, and her road to recovery will be long. Nerve damage has left this young dog weak and unsteady. She may loose a leg, but we’re worried how an amputation will affect her balance.

Underneath her beaten and bruised exterior lies a loving and loveable dog.

Help us provide Faith with the care and love she needs to heal her wounds. Your gift will help fund the investigation that will hopefully bring Faith’s abusers to justice, as well as pay for her extensive course of treatment. Ultimately, you can help provide Faith with a second chance.

Bunny Snaps are back!

Bunny Snaps 2010

It's the return of our annual Bunny Snaps!  Join the Ottawa Humane Society to have your children's and pets' photo taken with the Easter Bunny.
LINCOLN FIELDS Shopping Centre
Friday, March 12 from 4–8 p.m.
Saturday, March 13 from 10 a.m.–4 p.m.

WESTGATE Shopping Centre
Friday, March 19 from 1–8 p.m.
Saturday, March 20 from 10–4 p.m.

Cost: $15 per photo ($10 if the animal was adopted from the OHS).  All proceeds will benefit the animals at the OHS. Animals should be in a carrier or on a leash.

For more information or to volunteer, contact us at 613-725-3166 ext. 263 or

Belle the Gerbil

Belle the Gerbil

Hello Friends…meet Belle (A111931)! She is a sweet and affectionate, 7 month old, agouti, Gerbil. Shelter staff thinks that she is well deserving of a new home as she has been patient during her stay, since December 29th. The highlight of her day is when we when we give her a little treat and a special snuggle! She was surrendered to the shelter due to too many animals in the home. Do you have room in your heart and home? We promise, she will keep you entertained and laughing!

Contact the OHS Adoption Centre at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or at

Monday, February 8, 2010

OHS charges two men with animal cruelty over injured husky

February 8, 2010
For immediate release

Two Ottawa men have been charged with animal cruelty after a three-month-old husky puppy was violently thrown against a table, resulting in severe injuries and head trauma to the animal.

On Jan. 6, the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) received a call from a local vet clinic about an injured dog whose care taker was unwilling to pay the estimated $400 required for examination. The dog was unable to walk or stand, exhibited signs of haemorrhaging around one eye and was suffering pain in moving its neck. The dog was surrendered to the OHS, after which emergency agents transported the dog to the shelter for care.

X-rays performed at the OHS clinic revealed a fracture to the dog's shoulder and the OHS veterinarian diagnosed severe nerve damage associated with violent physical trauma. The dog, re-named Faith by shelter staff, was immediately given pain medication to ease her suffering, and had her wounds treated and bandaged.

On Jan. 28, OHS inspectors charged Amr El Bardawil, 19, of Ottawa, the owner of the husky, for causing distress and failing to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention to an animal in his possession. Mr. Bardawil admitted to picking up the animal in his apartment after it urinated on the floor on Jan. 4, and throwing it approximately six feet in the air, after which it landed on a coffee table.

Sometime after the incident on Jan. 4, the dog was allegedly taken from Mr. El Bardawil's apartment and moved to the residence of Hamoun Mahabadi, 19. Mr. Mahabadi told investigators he kept the animal in his garage for approximately 48 hours before taking the dog to a veterinarian on Jan. 6. It was Mr. Mahabadi who surrendered the dog to the care of the OHS.

OHS inspectors also charged Mr. Mahabadi on Jan. 28, for failing to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention to the dog.

"This helpless animal endured an incredibly savage attack for behaviour that is characteristic of any young dog," said OHS Inspector, Miriam Smith. "That act was horrific enough, but for an obviously injured animal to be denied medical care for nearly two whole days is unacceptable. We need people to know that if they withhold medical treatment from an animal, no matter ownership or the situation, they will be held responsible."

Faith is currently in OHS foster care, where she is being regularly monitored and treated by a veterinarian. She is still having balance issues and has difficulty walking as a result of the nerve damage she sustained in the attack. She also faces possible amputation of her front right leg.

Both Mr. El Bardawil and Mr. Mahabadi are expected to make their first court appearance on Feb. 18, 2010.

Although legally mandated to enforce the animal cruelty provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada and the Ontario SPCA Act, the OHS does not receive any government funding or funding from any animal welfare group to perform this essential work.

For media inquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
(613) 725-3166 ext. 261

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Make February your love match month at the Ottawa Humane Society

February 3, 2010
For immediate release

Love Match

Are you looking for a long-term, committed relationship with someone who'll greet you at the front door, full of enthusiasm and wet kisses, wearing nothing at all? Your perfect match could be waiting for you at the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS)!

February is the perfect time to find your match with someone who will offer lots of unconditional love. The OHS is full of wonderful animals in need of new homes. Animal adoption offers many benefits, including opportunities for exercise, social interaction and non-judgemental companionship. Welcoming a new pet to your life could be the best relationship decision you'll ever make!

The OHS works hard to match animals and potential adopters through its proven matching system. OHS adoption counsellors liken the process to the dating game, whereby both parties need to be compatible in order for the relationship to be successful. We try to ensure that the potential new owner's lifestyle and qualities they're looking for in an ideal friend are aligned with the needs and characteristics of the animal.

If you're outdoorsy, or like long walks on the beach, a dachshund or a cat may have a harder time keeping up, but a Springer spaniel or border collie mix would thrive with a higher level of exercise. If you're married to your work, but would still welcome a cuddle at the end of a long day, a cat or small animal might be just sort of quiet stress reliever you need.

So if you're looking for love this February, your perfect match could be just a click away. Visit today — someone's there waiting for you!

For media inquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
(613) 725-3166 ext. 261

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Laureen Harper returns to help Ottawa’s animals at 6th annual FurBallgala

February 2, 2010
For immediate release


Those who care about Ottawa's animals will have a chance to dance, dine and donate to the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) at this year's 6th annual FurBall, to be held Saturday March 27, 2010 at the National Gallery of Canada.

The theme of the gala will be glamorous Dynasty style, with d├ęcor and fashion recalling the opulent 1980s. Guests will be treated to lavish entertainment and extraordinary culinary creations. A variety of prizes and live and silent auctions will help raise money for the animals, including the sale of celebrity pet bowls, featuring designs from Sarah McLachlan, Hilary Swank and the Canadian Women's Hockey Team.

Laureen Harper, an OHS foster volunteer and adopter, is resuming her role as this year's honorary chair of the ball. Mrs. Harper provides dedicated fostering to the many kittens and cats she and her family care for at 24 Sussex Drive.

Over the past six years, the FurBall has become one of the key fundraisers for the OHS, as well as one of the most highly-anticipated galas in Ottawa's busy social season. The funds raised at this event help provide animals in our community with the care and protection they so greatly deserve.

FurBall tickets are $300 per person. To order, visit or call 613-725-3166 ext. 263.

For media inquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager

(613) 725-3166 ext. 261

Sawyer: Happy Tails


Hi Ottawa Humane Society,We adopted Sawyer from the OHS in September 2009. We just wanted to thank you for taking in such a wonderful animal and letting us adopt him!

He has adjusted well to his new home and is pretty much the King of the house. He has added so much happiness to our lives and we just love him.

Thanks for all your hardwork and dedication.


Thank you for your kind note, Valerie!  We are so happy that Sawyer is being a good cat and he has found his loving furrever home.

Monday, February 1, 2010

OHS satisfied with guilty plea in cruelty case involving 31 cats

February 1, 2010
For immediate release

The Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) is satisfied with a guilty plea last week from an Ottawa couple who had 31 cats living in filthy conditions inside their one-bedroom apartment.

On January 28, Catherine Boan, 37, and Fred Long, 32, plead guilty to three counts of animal cruelty after OHS inspectors charged the couple on Dec. 14, 2009 with permitting distress to and not meeting the standards of care for cats living in their Lowertown apartment. The cats were found living in the cluttered, feces and urine-stained one-bedroom unit. All the animals were without food or water, and many of the cats had visible discharge from their eyes and noses. One cat was severely dehydrated and needed an immediate injection of fluids, while most of the other cats were thin and undernourished, as evidenced by their reaction to food.

"It was shocking to see the animals react to the sound of food being placed in bowls," said OHS Inspector, Tim Brown. "They came from every direction, and it was literally a sea of cats swarming around our feet in anticipation of finally being fed. It was quite clear these animals had not been fed for a long time."

The cats were removed from the apartment and brought back to the OHS shelter, where they were health checked and treated by the on-site veterinarian. Ms. Boan and Mr. Long subsequently relinquished ownership of the cats to the OHS. Given the advanced state of malnutrition and illness, most of the cats had to be humanely euthanized.

In addition to pleading guilty to the charges against them, Ms. Boan and Mr. Long are also required to pay restitution to the OHS in the amount of $2,595, and they are prohibited from owning, caring for or having custody of any cat for a period of five years. They were permitted to keep their existing, neutered male Chihuahua-type dog who appeared well cared for.

In handing down the sentence, the judge verbally reprimanded the couple for placing a burden on the OHS by their lack of care for their animals.

"It's rewarding to see the court clearly recognize the actual cost of caring for and treating the animals that were removed," said Brown.

Although legally mandated to enforce the animal cruelty provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada and the Ontario SPCA Act, the OHS does not receive any government funding or funding from any animal welfare group to perform this essential work.

For media inquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
(613) 725-3166 ext. 261

New Survey for OHS Kids!

OHS Kids

Hey Kids!  We have a new survey for you in our Fun Zone!  The question is: "Do you think you and your pet look alike?"  Take the survey and see the responses!

Chris and Greta

Gideon: a Buddy & Belle Animal Profile

Gideon 1

My name is Gideon. It means powerful warrior, and personally, I think it’s very fitting! I was brought to the Ottawa Humane Society late summer 2009 as a stray. I was pretty scared and shy when I first got here. I wasn’t used to being around so many people and I didn’t have any of my familiar favourite toys to comfort me!

The OHS staff determined that after I was neutered, I would be able to look for my new forever home! Unfortunately, soon after my operation, I contracted kennel cough and had to move into a foster volunteer’s home while I recovered.

Gideon 3

Soon after getting settled in my foster home, one of my hind legs started to hurt. It wasn’t too bad at first, but pretty soon I wasn’t able to put any weight on it at all! My foster volunteer noticed my discomfort and brought me into the OHS to be examined. The vet explained to me that I had avascular necrosis, a condition that’s the result of temporary or permanent loss of blood to an area of bone. The vet and OHS staff decided that the best course of treatment would be to do surgery on the femur bone in my leg. I was a little scared, but the veterinarian explained that the surgery should get rid my pain.

Gideon 4

 Following my surgery I went back to my foster home and took my medicine to help me rest and heal properly. It’s been very difficult to sit still while I heal. I’m already feeling better and am ready to start playing again!

UPDATE: Good news, I have been adopted and am loving my new forever home!

Please help Gideon, and other animals like him in need of emergency animal treatment, by making a donation.

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