Thursday, February 18, 2010

Breaking Ground: Our story so far…

Breaking Ground

As you may know, our Breaking Ground Building Campaign was officially announced at our FurBall Gala less than a year ago.

Of course, a lot of preparation went into this project before then. The need for a new facility has been recognized since the early 80's, but in 2005, the OHS developed a full needs assessment for the project. The search for a new location began in earnest in the summer of 2006, and it took a full two years to identify a suitable location, with the West Hunt Club purchase completed in December 2008. MHPM were hired as our project managers in April of 2009, and the firm assisted us with the process for selecting the prime architect—Barry Hobin and Associates—and assisted us in retaining specialist architect, George Miers. MHPM also assisted us in retaining some of the specialized consultants that are required to complete the project.

Now the plans are over 50 percent complete and the pre-qualification for construction companies has begun. Stay tuned for further updates!

271 West Hunt Club
Location of the future home of the Ottawa Humane Society!

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