Friday, February 12, 2010

Cupid, please find true love for Bianca this Valentine’s Day

Bianca Valentine

Dear Cupid,

This Valentine's Day, we're hoping you can make a permanent love match for Bianca, a gorgeous four-year-old white cat with amazing eyes and sparkling personality.

Bianca's a sassy single mom who arrived at the Ottawa Humane Society as a stray back in September, with one kitten in tow. She had been fending for herself after her owner moved away and she was left behind. Despite the hard knocks life threw her way, Bianca's spirit was unbroken. Shortly after her arrival at the shelter, she and her babe went to foster care until the kitten was old enough to fend for itself. Now that her kitten's all grown up and out of the house, Bianca's ready to devote herself to a new relationship — hopefully one that will last forever!

Anyone who takes on Bianca should know that life with this glamorous and available gal will never be boring. Bianca's the type of free spirit some may call a princess. She certainly dislikes cage life, and would be very happy to rule your roost. Somewhat frosty at first glance, she's very particular about doling out affection. Pets and cuddles will be on her terms, but if she wants to snuggle, she won't be shy about letting you know.

Bianca's been searching for her perfect new relationship for more five months. That's a long time to be lonely! Cupid, please strike an arrow into the heart of someone special and help Bianca find the true loving home she deserves.

Staff at the Ottawa Humane Society

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