Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Faith, Day 1

Faith first came to the OHS in early January, unable to walk or even stand. The three-month-old husky puppy sustained massive injuries after her owner threw her across the room for urinating on the floor. Faith landed violently on a coffee table, causing a black eye, damage to her neck, as well as extensive nerve damage that affected her ability to stand on her own four legs.

For two days she sat alone and afraid.

Instead of being rushed for emergency care after her attack, Faith lay suffering in a cold garage for nearly two days until she was finally seen by a veterinarian. Her caretaker didn’t want to pay the fees required for the vet exam, so Faith was brought to the OHS. We immediately bandaged her wounds, gave her medication to ease her pain, and sent her to a warm foster home where the extent of her injuries will be monitored and a course of treatment determined.

Because of your support, Faith will get to have a second chance.

Faith, feeling happier at the OHSFaith’s attacker has been charged, but the immediate task of caring for Faith and healing her is pressing. Faith has survived incredible pain and suffering already, and her road to recovery will be long. Nerve damage has left this young dog weak and unsteady. She may loose a leg, but we’re worried how an amputation will affect her balance.

Underneath her beaten and bruised exterior lies a loving and loveable dog.

Help us provide Faith with the care and love she needs to heal her wounds. Your gift will help fund the investigation that will hopefully bring Faith’s abusers to justice, as well as pay for her extensive course of treatment. Ultimately, you can help provide Faith with a second chance.

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