Monday, February 1, 2010

Gideon: a Buddy & Belle Animal Profile

Gideon 1

My name is Gideon. It means powerful warrior, and personally, I think it’s very fitting! I was brought to the Ottawa Humane Society late summer 2009 as a stray. I was pretty scared and shy when I first got here. I wasn’t used to being around so many people and I didn’t have any of my familiar favourite toys to comfort me!

The OHS staff determined that after I was neutered, I would be able to look for my new forever home! Unfortunately, soon after my operation, I contracted kennel cough and had to move into a foster volunteer’s home while I recovered.

Gideon 3

Soon after getting settled in my foster home, one of my hind legs started to hurt. It wasn’t too bad at first, but pretty soon I wasn’t able to put any weight on it at all! My foster volunteer noticed my discomfort and brought me into the OHS to be examined. The vet explained to me that I had avascular necrosis, a condition that’s the result of temporary or permanent loss of blood to an area of bone. The vet and OHS staff decided that the best course of treatment would be to do surgery on the femur bone in my leg. I was a little scared, but the veterinarian explained that the surgery should get rid my pain.

Gideon 4

 Following my surgery I went back to my foster home and took my medicine to help me rest and heal properly. It’s been very difficult to sit still while I heal. I’m already feeling better and am ready to start playing again!

UPDATE: Good news, I have been adopted and am loving my new forever home!

Please help Gideon, and other animals like him in need of emergency animal treatment, by making a donation.

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