Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have Stuntman and the Shark Broadcast LIVE from your house!

BOB FMStuntman and The Shark are having an auction to raise money for the Ottawa Humane Society. 

And the auction prize... Stuntman Stu and Sandy Sharkey will take their morning show to the top bidder's house! At a mutually agreed-upon date (could be sometime this spring, or summer) Stu and Sandy will show up with the broadcast team and do the 93.9 BOB-FM "Stuntman and the Shark" radio show, 5:30-9 a.m., from the top bidder's living room, or backyard, or whatever!

There are only TWO DAYS LEFT of the auction!  For more information on how to place a bid, visit 93.9 BOB FM's website!

Stuntman Stu and the Shark on BOB FM

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