Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Make Pepper your lucky charm this St. PAWtrick’s Day!

Pepper A112051

Pepper is a precocious five-year-old cat who came to us in January. She was exceptionally timid when she arrived, and hid in her cage, frightened of visitors.

In an effort to ease her stress, we moved her away from our crowded adoption room and placed her upstairs in our quieter office area. She was still nervous, and it took her a while to warm up to our staff as we stopped to chat on our way down the hall. Eventually, Pepper came out of her box, and would happily respond to head scratches and gentle pets. Now, Pepper's a loving, social girl who eagerly takes in all the attention we can heap on her.

Pepper has been waiting for her luck to turn around for far too long. She would be the purr-fect companion for the right feline-friendly home. Won’t you make this green-eyed girl your 'pet' of gold this St. PAWtrick's Day by giving her a second chance?

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