Friday, April 2, 2010

Hot weather this holiday weekend

It's too hot today!With warm temperatures expected this Easter long weekend, the Ottawa Humane Society reminds people to leave their dogs at home... not in their cars!

Dogs do not have the ability to sweat, therefore if they are left for even a short period of time in a car (windows open or not!), their lives could be in danger. With their body temperature normally at 39 degrees Celsius, a dog can only endure temperatures barely over 40 degrees C for a very short time before they suffer from heat-stress, irreparable brain damage or death.

Each year, OHS emergency agents respond to almost 200 calls about dogs left in hot cars. In some cases, dogs have to be physically removed from vehicles by breaking a window, and in other cases, dogs have been found dead.

If you see a dog in distress in a vehicle, call the OHS Emergency Services at 613-725-1532.

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