Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our life-saving clinic equipment is broken. Please help!

IV Pump Last year, the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) performed over 3,700 surgeries in our in-house clinic, including hundreds and hundreds of emergency procedures on gravely sick and injured animals.

Our clinic’s specialized medical equipment allows us to provide critical emergency care to animals in need. The IV pumps that our veterinarians use allow them to regulate fluids and keep an animal’s hydration level as normal as possible. Too much fluid could lead to a build up in the animal’s heart or lungs, and not enough fluids could result in dehydration. Both scenarios can result in the unnecessary death of the animal.

One of our IV pumps is currently broken, meaning the lives of more animals are in jeopardy. Your support will enable us to replace the broken pump, as well as, add a third pump to our clinic, thereby increasing the number of animals we’re able to help. Three functioning IV pumps will allow us to treat stray cats who come to us dehydrated and sick after spending days on the street, to seriously-injured dogs who may have been hit by a car. You can make the difference in the lives of these animals with a donation to purchase this crucial equipment today. Your gift will help us to save lives!

Lives like Jonas the cat.

Jonas 1

Jonas came to us when he was surrendered by his owners who were unable to afford the veterinary care needed to fix his injured leg. When Jonas showed up at our doors, he was in shock, and wasn’t breathing well because of excruciating pain. We put him on pain medication and started fluids with the IV pump right away.

Jonas 3

A closer examination of Jonas’ leg revealed a fractured femur (thigh bone), which required surgery. Without the IV equipment needed for hydration before and after surgery, we would not be able to safely help Jonas and restore him to the friendly cat he is today.

Jonas 2

With your help we can purchase a new IV pump to provide Ottawa’s animals with their second chance.

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