Monday, May 31, 2010

The Dynamic Chinchilla Duos

Have a sweet spot for Chinchillas? Then why don’t you come down and meet our double duos?

Hershey (A115460) and Minu (A115461) are the first pair to come in. Hershey is a 5 year old, neutered male and Minu is a 9 year old, intact female. These two just love one another so we would like to find a home where they can spend the rest of their days together.

The second pair is Maxie (A116622) and Clyve (A116623) they have lived their 5 years together and it would be very nice to see these two boys find a home together as well.

Chinchillas are typically independent animals that do not enjoy being overly handled but are very fun to watch as they zoom around the room! They require at least two hours of consecutive outside cage play time per day.

They have a very unique vocabulary of chirps and honks. Chinchillas may be small but have strict dietary needs that include high quality pellets and timothy hay! Chinchillas are known best for their velvety soft coats that require bi-weekly dust baths.

For more information, contact the OHS Adoption Centre at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or send us an email!

Breaking Ground Golf Fundraiser

4th Annual Ottawa Out Golfing Group Charity Scramble Golf Tournament
August 14th
Canadian Golf and Country Club

in support of

Ottawa Humane Society
"Breaking Ground Building Campaign"

Great food! Great golf! Great PRIZES! GREAT CAUSE!

Pay on or before July 9th and your fee is $110 (which includes green fees, power cart, dinner, all taxes and gratuities, plus more!). After July 9, the registration fee is $125. Registration deadline is July 31.  Game day is August 14th!

You also have the opportunity to WIN YOUR REGISTRATION FEE! The person who brings the most 'new' people to our tournament this year will win their registration fee. Read all the contest details on our website ( toward the bottom of the ‘rounds of golf’ page.

To register, contact Robert at 1-888-484-9118 x101 or

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunshine the 3-legged cat

Sunshine (A115247) is a spayed female, 2 year old calico cat who is looking for a new home. She arrived at the OHS in April with a badly broken leg. The veterinary team recommended amputation. While she only has three legs she still can move!

For more information about adopting Sunshine, contact the OHS at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or at

Huskies and Dragons!

Huskies Mishka, Mika and Rocket are all racing aficionados. As keen dog sport participants and sled dogs, the trio is used to moving fast in snowy conditions. But with no snow in sight, the dogs checked out racing action of a different kind when they dropped by the Rideau Canoe Club last week. There they got to participate in a practice session for the upcoming Dragon Boat Race Festival, set for June 18–20.

When they’re not thinking about racing, all three dogs are also members of the OHS Brightening Lives Program, where they visit long-term care centres and women’s and homeless shelters to provide animal companionship to residents.

The Brightening Lives Program is just one of the human/animal focused initiatives at the OHS that will benefit from funds raised at this year’s Dragon Boat Festival. The OHS is pleased to be one of seven not-for-profits selected as the recipients from this year’s race.

For more information on the Dragon Boat Race Festival, visit

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful Bailey

I'm Bailey (A030186), a 6 year old, spayed female and as sweet as can be. You only get better with age, don't you know! I love to chat to say hello and adore attention while sitting on your lap. My new home would need to be feline-free (except for me of course!) as I demand all of the attention to myself. I would make a wonderful feline companion for a family who likes routine. If you are looking to adopt a darling feline, please contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or at

Fun with Gerbils

Gerbils may be super-cute, but they are also super-fast!

The OHS currently has seven gerbils looking for new homes. Contact us to learn more! 613-725-3166 ext. 258.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art in the Alley

1395 Wellington Street West
Ottawa, Ontario
June 18th, 19th & 20th

Ottawa artist Alison Fowler, Kingston artist Tammy Shane and Ottawa artist Dave Merritt will be showcasing their art in the alley way between Chick Pea Children's Boutique and Destination Hair Studio on Wellington Street West.

Opening night will run 6pm till 10pm with live jazz band 'Ali's Cats' playing. Saturday will be from 11 until 5 with more live jazz and Sunday will run 12 till 5.

Partial proceeds will benefit the Ottawa Humane Society. Don't miss this fun event!  For more information, visit

June 6: Community Dog Fair

Help support the building of a new facility for the Ottawa Humane Society. Bring your dogs, your friends, and your donation. Win lots of great prizes by participating in our fun K9 Competitions and our raffle draw, relax at our refreshments stand, or just enjoy a walk in the park! Gift bags valued at over $30 for the first hundred visitors to donate $20 or more, and plenty of free giveaways! Prizes include FREE private dog training valued at $160, gift baskets valued up to $120, dog beds valued at over $140, and MUCH more!

All proceeds will go to the Ottawa Humane Society's Breaking Ground Campaign. Treats and water will be provided for man's best friend, and a great time will be had by all! Visit for more information on this great cause!

When: Sunday June 6th, 9:00am-5:00pm
Where: Bruce Pit Off-Leash Dog Park (located on Cedarview Road, north of Hunt Club and south of Baseline. Across from Bell High School).

The contest schedule will be as follows:

  • 11:00 - Cutest Puppy
  • 11:30 - Best Costume
  • 12:00 - Best Trick
  • 1:00 - Musical Chairs (Hint: Practice your sits, downs, and stays)
  • 2:00 - Best Heinz-57
  • 2:30 - Frisbee Catching Contest
See you there!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

OHS on the tube tonight

Tune into CBC Ottawa's (channel 8) news at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. for some tips on keeping your pets cool in this hot weather. Then watch Daytime Ottawa on Rogers TV (channel 22) at 5:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. to see some of the wonderful cats we currently have available for adoption!

Pepper's a terrific eight-year-old cat currently looking for a new home. Why not add some spice to your life and consider adopting Pepper today! Contact the OHS Adoption Centre at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or come by for a visit in person.

Friday, May 21, 2010

OHS warns of hot weather dangers over long weekend

OTTAWA, Ont. (21 May, 2010) – With temperatures and humidity levels expected to soar into the mid-30s over the holiday weekend and into next week, the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) is cautioning pet owners to keep their animals safe in the heat.

The best way to protect your pet in hot weather is to keep him indoors, in a cool room and out of the sun. Make sure he has plenty of water available and limit activity levels during peak hours of sunshine.

It’s especially important to resist the urge to take Fido or Fluffy along for a car ride. On a hot day, the temperature inside a parked car can rise to dangerous levels quite quickly. Even parking in the shade or lowering windows does little to reduce the air inside a car, which can easily surpass 40°C in mere minutes. With only hot air to breathe, a dog’s normal cooling process of panting doesn’t work, and his internal temperature can rise, leading to severe heat exhaustion, brain damage or even death.

Signs of canine heatstroke include rapid heartbeat, lack of coordination, weakness or muscle tremors, unconsciousness, glazed eyes or convulsions.

Already this spring, the OHS has received numerous calls about dogs left to swelter in dangerously hot cars. Emergency officers removed one dog in distress earlier this week, resorting to breaking a car window to rescue the animal. The temperature inside the vehicle registered 42ÂșC, and the animal had been left in those conditions for hours.

If you see an animal that may be suffering from heat exhaustion, and the owner can’t be quickly located, call the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-1532.

The OHS recommends these tips to keep pets safe during hot spells:

• Monitor the activity of your animals and watch for over exertion.

• If you suspect heat stress, bring your pet to a cool area, gradually lower your pet’s temperature by sponging cool water onto him/her and call your veterinarian immediately.

• Exercise your pets — more slowly and for shorter periods of time — in the early morning and/or evening to avoid the midday heat, and bring enough water for both of you.

• Ensure adequate shelter for protection from the sun and heat. Outside kennels need to be well ventilated and situated in shaded areas. Clean, fresh water must be accessible at all times.

• Sun-baked asphalt can burn paws — keep to the grass!

• Ask your veterinarian about sunscreen for your pets — certain parts of your dog (for example, nose and ears) can get sunburned!

Above all remember, if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet!

For more information:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
613-725-3166 ext. 261

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seasonal flood of stray cats begins at Ottawa Humane Society

OTTAWA, Ont. (20 May, 2010) — Spring has sprung at the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) and that means the seasonal flood of cats has begun.

Since the start of May, more than 340 lost and surrendered cats have come through the doors of the OHS. On Tuesday of this week alone, 34 cats arrived — 15 adults and 19 kittens. The crunch left OHS staff scrambling, as cats in carriers lined hallways until suitable cage space could be found.

The deluge of felines will continue now that the warm weather is here for good. Sunnier days coincide with kitten season, and the inevitable litters of orphaned kittens and pregnant cats will continue unabated until winter arrives.

While the OHS keeps all adoptable cats until they find new homes, the cost of caring for the animals is significant and extended wait times lead to increased stress on the animals, making them more vulnerable to illness.

“The influx of cats definitely creates a critical bottleneck situation,” says OHS Director of Operations, Sharon Miko. “Cats simply do not fare well in our cramped shelter, and with more and more cats arriving every day, we need to increase our adoption efforts in order to keep animals healthy.”

There are many cats currently in need of a new home, including some who have been waiting a long time. Tempest is a three-year-old male cat who has been at the OHS since the end of January. This sweet boy has unfortunately developed a sensitive stomach from the stress of being in the shelter for so long. Some special dietary needs will need to be met, but Tempest will reward his new owners with lots of head butts and kisses in return!

Tempest is a three-year-old cat who has been searching for a new home since January.

There is currently a great selection of cats available for adoption, including many kittens and young cats. For more information, visit, or call the OHS Adoption Centre at 613-725-3166 ext. 258.

For media enquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
613-725-3166 ext. 261

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rusty Dawg Pet Products

Rusty Dawg Pet Products
$2 from Martingale Designer Buckle dog collars sold will go to the Ottawa Humane Society's Breaking Ground Building Campaign. Please visit for more information!

$1 from each rectangular catnip toy sold will also be donated to the building.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Handsome Henry

Henry (A113605) is a handsome, fluffy and very playful, 1.5 year old neutered male. Just like Hercules, he doesn’t know his own strength and would be suited for a home with older children who can help teach him proper play behaviour.

Henry would adore if his new owners were handy or could buy him a large condo/ scratching post with natural wood properties to it so that he can scratch it and climb high and perch on it. He is very active and loves to perch up high and look down below. He would also love to be trained to go on a leash and harness outside accompanied by his ever watchful and responsible new owners as he loves to explore, smell the fresh air, and sun himself in the sun beams!

Henry’s favourite toys are fake toy mice of almost any sort. He will greet you at the door and will roll onto his back (usually onto your feet ensuring you give him the cuddles he so desires). Although he adores human companionship, he prefers the solitary life when it comes to other animals.

He is a special boy with needs of a special owner to care for his needs for the rest of his life. Please enquire about him further: contact us by email or phone us at 613-725-3166 ext. 258.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peter the rabbit is our pet of the week!

Rabbits are intelligent, social animals. When given plenty of attention, they make affectionate and rewarding family pets. They can be trained to use a litter box and are more enjoyable, responsive pets when living indoors as house rabbits. Given appropriate care, a rabbit can live up to ten years. Peter (A114637), a five- year-old bunny, is one of many rabbits currently at the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS). He was given up by his owners, and is now searching for a new home. Each year, more than 2,275 animals are surrendered to the OHS for financial or other reasons.

To learn more about rabbits, or to adopt a long-eared friend, call the OHS at 613-725-3166 ext. 258.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OHS charges woman after dog found crawling in roaches

OHS charges Ottawa woman with cruelty after dog found covered in roaches

OTTAWA, Ont. (11 May, 2010) — The Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) has charged an Ottawa woman with cruelty against a dog that was found covered with cockroaches and flies.

Louise Hupe, 68, was charged on May 10 after OHS agents attended a call at the request of Ottawa Police Service. Police responded to an overwhelming smell coming from Ms. Hupe’s apartment and a concern for anyone living inside. But when they arrived, police found the conditions of the unit to be unacceptable for the dog and contacted an OHS agent to investigate.

Police asked the OHS to remove a dog, a four-year-old female shepherd mix from the apartment, which was covered in garbage, dog feces and urine, mouldy food, and was overrun with cockroaches. There was no working toilet in the unit and the stench inside the unit was nauseating. Hoards of live and dead cockroaches and flies covered the dog’s overgrown coat.

“The conditions inside the apartment were far and away the most disgusting I’ve come across in my over 20 years working with the OHS,” said OHS Inspector, Miriam Smith. “It’s amazing anything other than roaches managed to survive in that environment. Our attending agent was almost physically ill during the visit to rescue the animal.”

Ms. Hupe was issued an OSPCA order to provide a clean and safe environment for the dog, which is a necessary part of the animal removal process. Ms. Hupe failed to comply with the order and the dog was removed and taken into OHS custody. While dirty and unkempt, the OHS vet found the dog to be in otherwise good health.

The dog could possibly remain in OHS custody until May 12. If Ms. Hupe provides a clean and safe environment for the animal, subject to OHS inspection and pays all the costs associated with the removal, legally she may claim her dog. If Ms. Hupe is unable to fulfil those obligations, the dog will become the property of the OHS and will be assessed for adoption. OHS staff continue to provide loving care, food and water to the dog during its stay.

Ms. Hupe is charged with five counts under the Ontario SPCA Act including failing to provide the dog with adequate standards of care, such as appropriate food and water, sanitary conditions, and adequate ventilation, as well as permitting the dog to be in distress. She is expected to make her first court appearance on June 3.

Although legally mandated to enforce the animal cruelty provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada and the Ontario SPCA Act, the OHS does not receive any government funding or funding from any animal welfare group to perform this essential work.

For media enquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
613-725-3166 ext. 261

Friday, May 7, 2010

OHS holds ceremonial groundbreaking for new building

May 7, 2010
For immediate release

Staff, volunteers, donors and dignitaries broke ground today at the site of the Ottawa Humane Society's new home on West Hunt Club Road. Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, John Baird took a turn with the shovel, alongside OHS volunteer, Mrs. Laureen Harper, and her daughter Rachel.

"This fantastic new facility will truly be a community effort," said OHS President, Rob Cameron. "It is being built by loyal and committed donors: adults stretching to make a significant pledge, teens raising funds and children forgoing birthday presents."

Today's ceremony marks five years of research and planning for a new facility, which will be much larger, and will incorporate features such as better ventilation, lighting and more space to ease animal stress and reduce disease transmission. The 40,000 square foot facility will be a leading centre for the humane treatment of animals, as well as a welcoming centre for the community.

Bruce Roney, executive director of the OHS, Laureen Harper, Rachel Harper, Minister John Baird, and dog Blur commemorate the groundbreaking for the new Ottawa Humane Society building on May 7, 2010.

The Ottawa Humane Society currently struggles to care for more than 11,000 animals each year in a shelter designed to accommodate 2,500 a year. A further $4-million still needs to be raised to complete the building project. More information on the new shelter and fundraising opportunities can be found at

For media inquiries, contact:
Tara Jackson, Communications Manager
613-725-3166 ext. 261
613-277-3125 cell

Meet Jessie, an active and people-loving pooch!

Jessie (A115319) is a 3 year old, spayed female, Labrador retriever and Chow Chow mix. Active, playful, and smart, this girl is best suited for a family with lots of dog experience. She loves meeting new people, but still needs work on her obedience skills. If you're looking for a new pal with endless love to give, Jessie may be the dog for you. For more information, contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or at

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dustin: a Buddy & Belle animal profile

Meow. My name is Dustin (A111816) and I am six months old. Even though I’m pretty young, I had a rough start to life. In fact, I spent much of my time living on the streets. They can be a pretty dangerous place, as I found out just a few days before Christmas when I injured my leg pretty badly! I was very cold and very scared because I wasn’t sure anyone would find me and give me the help I needed.

Luckily, someone heard my meows of pain and called the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS). An emergency agent came right away to help, but because it was so late at night, I was taken to an after-hours veterinary clinic for help. The staff there were so nice to me and gave me pain medicine right away make me feel better.

Once the medication kicked in and I began to calm down a bit, the agent brought me to the OHS. The veterinarian there did some X-rays and told me that my leg was so damaged that it would need to be amputated. Unfortunately, while I patiently waited for my surgery date in the shelter, I contracted upper respiratory infection (URI), which is like a bad cat cold.

Because I was in such rough shape and needed constant monitoring, one of the vet techs at the OHS decided that she would foster me in her own home so I could get healthy as quickly as possible and get ready for surgery.

I am currently resting and looking forward to finding my new forever home once I’m well enough!

Please help Dustin, and other animals like him in need of emergency animal treatment, by making a donation.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bella the "Hoppy" Bunny

Do you have a lot of love to give? Bella (A113222) our 1 year old, spayed female, dwarf mix rabbit is looking for that love. She came to the Ottawa Humane Society as stray but quickly showed us how lovely a pet companion she truly is.

She arrived at the shelter pregnant, she raised her babies well and now is looking for her new forever home.

She uses her litter box like a pro and really enjoys her outside cage time. She is good at sitting in laps or lying next to you for pets. She would be a lovely companion for a knowledgeable rabbit owner!

Interested? Contact us at 613-725-3166 ext. 258,, or come down for a visit!

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