Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wu: a Buddy & Belle animal profile

Meow! My name is Wu (A117621) and I am a six-month-old orange tabby kitten. One afternoon, not long ago, I was investigating the apartment where I lived, and got myself into a bit of trouble. I was exploring a high shelf when suddenly I lost my footing. So much for cats always landing on their feet! After the fall, I wasn’t able to use my back leg and was in a lot of pain. My owner knew that I needed help and took me to a clinic right away. Unfortunately, the costs for my treatment were too much for my owner to afford, so the vet suggested I go to the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) so they could help me. My owner agreed, and made the difficult decision to surrender me to the OHS so I could be treated.

I was really scared because not only was I hurting, but I didn’t know anyone at the OHS! Luckily, all of the staff were really nice, and they helped to ease my pain and make me feel comfortable. The veterinarian did a very thorough examination, and explained to me that I had fractured my femur (the bone between the pelvis and knee) and had completely ruptured my ACL (one of the important ligaments that connects the bones and the knee joint). The vet decided that the best treatment for me would be an amputation, as my leg would not heal properly given the extent of my injury.

I do feel a lot better since the surgery, I am currently resting in my foster volunteer’s home and getting all the attention I need to make sure that I get better as quickly as possible. I’ve been told as soon as the vet gives me a clean bill of health that I get to start looking for my new forever home. I’m so excited, I can’t wait!

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