Monday, August 16, 2010

Cooper the Cat

I'm Cooper and I am a 5 year old, neutered male cat. When I arrived at the OHS my fur was all matted and I had porcupine quills stuck in me! That's the last time I try to play with a porcupine. OUCH! The staff at the OHS gave me a haircut. I feel much better now without all that knotted fur pulling at my body all the time, but until my fur grows out I'm kind of funny looking.

I would love a home without other feline friends as I am not enjoying the company (or hearing) the other felines here at the shelter. I have a bed in my kennel that has high sides to help keep me warm until my fur grows back. I love this bed: it would be great if my new owners would buy me one just like it so I can have one in my new home.

When I'm not busy playing with toys or checking out the world going on in front of me I love to be pet and brushed. My new owners would also have to help keep me safe from things in the outside world by keeping me on a leash and harness and under their supervision.

To adopt this quirky feline, contact the Ottawa Humane Society at or at 613-725-3166 ext. 258, or drop by the OHS anytime we're open.

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