Friday, August 6, 2010

Juno the Guinea Pig and her Family

I came to the shelter as a single mom with three adorable little boys. They soon went up for adoption, and I would have gone too, except the technicians took notice of my particularly round belly. You guessed it! Pregnant again (we guinea pigs are a fairly fertile bunch)! So instead of going to the Adoption Centre, I moved to a temporary foster home with one of the staff members so I could have my babies. My foster mom (who thinks she has a sense of humour) took one look at my bulging sides and promptly named me Juno (haha).

I was set up in my foster home in a nice big cage with lots of hay, pellets, greens, and cuddles, and we waited. And waited. And WAITED! I got bigger and bigger, but there were no babies in sight. If you touched my sides you could even feel the babies moving around, but they did not want to come out!

Finally, after nearly three weeks, I delivered eight healthy babies! We guinea pigs usually have two or three at a time, and I was just as surprised as my foster mom to see eight little piglets come into the world. Luckily, baby guinea pigs are born fully furred, with eyes open, and they "hit the ground running", so to speak. After about five days, they were eating on their own, so I didn't have to nurse them all for too long. Everyone says I was a fabulous mom, always cleaning and snuggling with my babies.

Sometimes my foster mom would take me out of the cage and hold me to give me a break from my swarming piglets, but I cried to go back in to them. We would often go on outings into a big play pen where we would play and eat lots of veggies (yum!). We all got lots of attention and my babies were held a lot to get them used to humans.

Now that the kids are a little older, we’re all back at the shelter, waiting for new homes. I’m sad to see our (not so) little family split up, but I'm excited for a chance to finally be adopted, and for my babies to find new and loving families to care for them. I'd love to live with one or two of my daughters, and be spoiled with veggies and snuggles for the rest of my piggie life. Wheek!

If you are interested in adopting guinea pigs, contact the Ottawa Humane Society at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or send an email to

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