Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Raccoon Rescue: Dumpster Stories

This morning the OHS received a call about a raccoon stuck in a dumpster. "I've noticed him in there for about three days," said the concerned caller. Due to the circumstances, an OSPCA agent attended to rescue the raccoon.

These calls aren't uncommon at the OHS. Raccoons love garbage, and where better to find bags and bags of the stuff than in dumpsters? These clever animals climb in and enjoy a feast without considering an exit strategy.
Mom raccoon with her kits, stuck in a dumpster.
A branch was placed in the dumpster, so the mom raccoon led her babies out of the dumpster and into a nearby tree.
A simple solution is to place a large, sturdy branch or an old two-by-four into the dumpster, creating a ramp for the raccoon to climb. She may wait thirty minutes or more to climb out, peeking her head over the edge of the dumpster, to make sure the coast is clear. But if there are no branches or two-by-fours around, or if the raccoon appears injured, then the OHS will attend to assist the raccoon.

An OSPCA Agent "lassos" a trapped raccoon...
...and gently lifts him out of the dumpster.
If you see a raccoon in a dumpster, give her a helping hand by making her a make-shift ramp. But if she appears injured or very stuck, give us a call at 613-725-1532.

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