Friday, October 8, 2010

It Takes a Long Time to Get This Sweet

You want a kitten? Aw, come on. Aren't you a little more discriminating?

Pets, like fine wine, improve with age.

Zena (A121212) is a 9 year old cat, currently waiting to be adopted.
When I think about all the dumb things I did as a kitten, I just want to meow with embarrassment! The chewing of computer cables. Knocking over potted plants. The unfortunate incident with that budgie, which is best not discussed.

But now I'm older and wiser. I maybe a little slower, but I'm also smarter and calmer and less likely to drive you crazy. I'm ready to be your friend and couch-mate, to share evenings in front of the fire.

I'll romp like a kitten sometimes, but not all the time. Believe me, that's something you'll appreciate at three in the morning.

So check out the kittens and the puppies, and then, when you're ready for a mature relationship, come back to me — or one of the older dogs. (They paid me to say that.)

I've got a lot of love left to give. Will you let me give it to you?

To learn more about any of the older adoptable animals currently available, contact the OHS Adoption Centre at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or click on one of the Viewable Pets for Adoption links below.

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