Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Update from Rolly

A big perk of working at the OHS is getting updates on the animals who’ve been adopted. The OHS staff works so hard to rescue, treat, and find homes for animals; it may sound trite, but all we wish for is for them to live happily ever after. When we receive letters and emails with updates, we know that – with your support – we’ve made a positive difference.

Rolly at the OHS in October 2009
Rolly the border collier / springer spaniel recently celebrated his second birthday. He arrived at the OHS last fall, lost and hungry. We couldn’t find his owners, so we had him neutered and tasked ourselves to finding him the perfect home. A few weeks later he found a new family to call his own! Last week the OHS sent him a birthday ecard to celebrate, and he replied with an update on his life after adoption.

He writes:

Hi, this is Rolly (the dog). Thank you for the birthday wish. I am doing wonderful and I get to do lots of running in the greenspace nearly every day!

Here are a couple pics of me.
One is when I was caught wearing my human's clothing, and the other is when there was a scary-ferocious animal standing behind me.
Have a barkingly-good day!

Thank you for the update, Rolly! We wish you many more happy birthdays!

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