Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 8 – 13 is Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

Celebrate the lifesaving work of the Ottawa Humane Society

Join the Ottawa Humane Society in observing Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, November 8-13. The compassionate and dedicated staff at the OHS provides crucial services to the community and to the more than 11,000 animals that come to the OHS every year.

In addition to providing food, shelter, veterinary care and comfort to animals in need, OHS employees adopt animals into responsible, loving homes; protect pets from disease and abuse; and offer advice and guidance to the people in our community 365 days a year—all with no government funding.

The OHS recognizes the important work of all its employees. Here are a few examples:

Iona Guindon-Carson, registered Veterinary Technician. Many of the OHS staff bring the neediest foster animals into their own homes because they simply can't wait for foster placement to become available, or none exists to meet the animal's extensive health needs. Iona recently opened her heart and her home to care for an abandoned, pregnant beagle, Bella, and her litter of six pups. Without Iona's care, the outcome for Bella and her puppies may not have been good, since both mum and pups were dangerously ill with kennel cough, requiring round-the-clock care and monitoring for several weeks.

Michelle Tribe, Communications Coordinator. In addition to her regular work, Michelle is an expert photographer, taking all of the fabulous photos of our animals and events seen in community newspaper Pet-of-the-Week profiles, Flickr, the OHS website, and on our animal adoption bulletin board. Thanks to Michelle's great photos, many of our harder-to-place animals found their forever homes that much faster.

Ashley Dacey, Customer Service Representative. Ashley volunteered her time to coordinate the Christmas morning delivery of very special pets who reached their forever homes and loving families on Christmas day. The program created community awareness of the wonderful animals available for adoption at OHS.

The OHS thanks these special people and all of our employees, as well as the Ottawa community for their continued support, and reminds everyone that we are always in need of donations. Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is a "purrfect" opportunity to help. Show your appreciation to OHS staff by sending an email to ohs@ottawahumane.ca, or posting a note of appreciation on Facebook or Twitter. Please consider making a financial contribution through our website http://www.ottawahumane.ca/ or donate Wish List items for the animals.

Iona and Bella
Ottawa Humane Society Registered Veterinary Technician, Iona Guindon-Carson with Bella.

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