Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Dog Adoption Pods: natural light and space to play!

In the Adoption Centre of our new building, visitors will able to see our dogs relax and play, in three separate dog adoption pods (clusters of dog rooms), featuring natural light and hospital quality air. Dogs will no longer have to be housed behind bars. In our current facility, we do not have that option.

Our current adoption dog kennels are old, cramped, and not adoption-friendly.
The new shelter will feature spacious dog rooms for large and small dogs, and the public will actually be able to see the dogs available for adoption. The design of the dog room windows provides natural light and minimizes disturbance or stress to the adoptable dogs.

In our new home, we will have spacious adoption pods very similar to those pictured here, from the Winnipeg Humane Society
Another benefit of the dog adoption pod is the common socialization space the dog rooms are wrapped around. This multi-purpose room can be used as a play area, meeting area for families interested in adopting, and as a back access for staff. This design allows staff to feed and care for the dogs while the Adoption Centre is open, allowing for greater flexibility in our opening hours than in our current location.

We are all looking forward to more dogs finding forever homes because of the design of our new building!

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