Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ottawa Humane Society Experiences Fundraising Shortfall

Donations down 40% on holiday campaign

The Ottawa Humane Society is experiencing a 40% shortfall on its seasonal fundraising campaign. The drop in funding will directly impact the animals in its care. As a result, the OHS is appealing to supporters to donate now.

"Due to a supplier problem that resulted in the delay of a major campaign mailing we haven't received a response from many of our regular donors, many of whom support us once a year, at Christmas time," says Bruce Roney, Executive Director, Ottawa Humane Society.

"Our community's expectations of us continue to increase. We will always do the best for the most, but the best depends on the resources we have. Unfortunately, with this campaign shortfall, we have less at our disposal," Roney adds.

Gifts can be made by mailing cheques to the OHS, online at or calling our fundraising office at 613-725-3166 ext. 252.

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