Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ottawa Humane Society Thanks Donors and Veterinary Community

Backlog of treatments and surgeries cleared thanks to donors, volunteer vets, and local clinics

Thanks to the efforts of community donors, local veterinarians, animal hospitals, volunteer and staff vets, the Ottawa Humane Society clinic is back on track and no longer backlogged.

"We did not have a staff veterinarian for two months this fall," says Bruce Roney, OHS Executive Director. "Local animal hospitals assisted us by taking our backlogged cases during that time. Our regular volunteer veterinarians donated more of their time, more frequently. Our fill-in vets took on additional shifts, and our generous supporters donated funds so that we could outsource medical procedures as we needed. We want them all to know how deeply grateful we are."

The shortage caused surgeries to be backlogged, which caused increased risk to the animals’ health as they waited in the crowded shelter environment longer than originally planned. Animal adoptions were also delayed since animals must first be spayed or neutered before adoption.

Thankfully, the OHS clinic is back at full strength now, performing more than 3,000 routine spay/neuter surgeries and more than 450 life-saving surgeries in-house each year.

The OHS would like to thank Dr. Vicki Bamberger, Dr. Don Caldwell, Dr. Glenys Hughes, Dr. Tina Chou, Dr. Tara DaCosta and Dr. Cheryl Laite for volunteering their time when it was so urgently needed, and for their ongoing volunteer work and commitment to the OHS clinic.

A word about the Ottawa Humane Society
The Ottawa Humane Society is a registered charity founded in 1888. The Society works in and with the community to provide leadership in the humane treatment of all animals, to address the causes of animal suffering, to encourage people to take responsibility for their animal companions, and to provide care for animals who are neglected, abused, exploited, stray, or homeless.

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