Monday, January 10, 2011

Billy Bob: A Buddy & Belle Animal Profile

Meow! My name is Billy Bob (A117883) and I am a two-year-old, black, long-haired domestic cat. I was found by Ottawa Humane Society EAPS agents and brought to the shelter because a cement pallet had fallen on me.

The kind staff at the OHS noticed many wounds on my legs including a large area where skin was completely torn off. After having some x-rays, the vet noticed my left front paw and my left hind leg were fractured.

To lessen my pain, a device was placed on my hind leg to help the fracture heal. This worked! Sadly, due to complications, my front leg did not heal properly and had to amputated.

Unfortunately, while I was recovering from my surgery, I developed an upper respiratory infection (URI), which is a bad cat cold. I was given more medication and lots of attention from staff and volunteers to make sure I was recovering properly. After spending almost six months at the OHS, I finally found my furrever home just before Christmas.

Please help Billy Bob, and other animals like him in need of emergency animal treatment, by making a donation.

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