Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Rosso (A121061) is very cuddly, and a lovable, devoted, adoring and enthusiastic lap cat. This cute five month old orange tabby and white cat is currently available for adoption. Because he has found it difficult to adjust to the shelter environment, he's staying at an OHS Foster Volunteer's home until the purr-fect family is found for him!
Rosso as a kitten with his mom.
Rosso has had no experience with animals besides his foster siblings. He has lived in an environment adapted for kitty cats with appropriate toys and scratching posts and pads always available. He enjoys rough and tumble play and has been gently corrected for inappropriate scratching and biting behavior.
Rosso prefers dry food and will eat when it suits him. He does not over-eat. He does nibble on canned food when he sees his foster siblings eating it.
He likes his furry toys, newspapers, yarn and foil balls and will entertain himself endlessly. Rosso is very energetic and active and played well with his foster siblings. He seems not to tire as quickly as the other kitties and will be bothersome when they are trying to relax. He plays hard and crashes hard. Rosso is reported to playing well with school age children although he has no experience with small children.
Rosso, only a few weeks old in this photo, shows his tough side.
To learn more about Rosso, or to make arrangements to meet him, contact the OHS Adoption Centre at 613-725-3166 ext. 258 or at

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