Thursday, February 24, 2011

Strange Car Engine Noises

The last thing anyone wants during their morning commute is for their car to make strange noises. On February 23rd that’s exactly what happened to one Ottawa commuter. Only these very strange noises... were cat noises! The commuter quickly realized that there was a cat trapped in his car engine.

He pulled into the Ottawa Honda dealer at 955 Richmond Road for help. A mechanic worked for free and was able to get the cat out from the engine block. OHS Agent Brohman received a call for assistance and quickly attended the scene to pick up this very frightened, lost cat.

The little grey tabby was checked out by the OHS animal health team upon arrival at the shelter. Thankfully, he was not injured.

Artie the Car Engine cat (photograph by Serge Rivard)
The OHS Lost and Found staff then tried to find his owner. Happily, the OHS had a matching lost report for this cat. It turns out Artie, a very curious seven month old kitten, had snuck out of his house the morning before and somehow managed to squeeze into the car's engine. The very worried owner, Ashley, had completed a lost report on the OHS website and submitted Artie's photo. Thanks to the thorough description and great photograph, the Lost and Found staff made the match. Artie went home the very same day.

While Artie's story has a very happy ending, it isn't uncommon for cats and wildlife to be drawn to the heat generated by a car's engine on cold days. Make sure you bang on your car’s hood on cold mornings to avoid injuring a sleeping creature.

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