Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bramwell: OHS Pet of the Week

When did he arrive/how long has he been here
• February 2011

Where from (stray, surrender etc.)
• Found as a stray

• Domestic Short-Haired Cat
• 2 years old
• Neutered Male
• all black

• Very friendly cat who can be a bit shy at first
• Loves cat treats and cat nip!
• Loves to hang out with people, especially while watching hockey
• Is a "Foster-Me-First" cat because he currently has a bit of a cold

More about black cats
• At shelters and rescues around the country, black dogs and cats are frequently the last to be adopted. Most of us can’t figure out why! Sometimes they don’t show up as well in their adoption pictures, but these animals are just as friendly and loving as the rest of their kin.

There are so many great reasons to adopt a black animal:
• Black pets are slimming! Sit with Bramwell on your lap and you'll look five pounds slimmer!
• A little black cat never goes out of style. Whether you’re trying to coordinate with your best outfit or your home, Bramwell is sure to match—and his fur won't show up on your tuxedo.
• Black cats have an aura of mystery: even when they're coughing up hair balls!

Don’t keep Bramwell (A126829) in the dark: he's counting on you to see the beauty and lovability other people miss. Come in and say hi to any of our dark and charming animals—some good pats will be the highlight of their day!

How can people meet/see him
• Visit the OHS website at http://ottawahumane.ca to see photos and descriptions of all the animals available for adoption
• Stop by the OHS Adoption Centre weekdays 12 – 7pm, Saturdays 10am – 5pm.

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