Friday, April 8, 2011

Ottawa Humane Society Assists OSPCA: removes 34 dogs from Muskoka backyard breeder

The Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) responded to a province-wide OSPCA request for assistance and rescued 34 terrier-mix dogs from a backyard breeder in the Muskoka region.

The OHS sent an Emergency Animal Protection Services agent and another OHS staff member to Muskoka Tuesday evening to assist in the removal of over 100 dogs that were housed in a cramped, filthy shed. The OHS team took 24 adult dogs and 10 puppies, and transported them to its Ottawa shelter, where the dogs are being examined and treated by OHS veterinarians and veterinary technical staff. Most of the remaining dogs were taken in by other Ontario shelters.

"The dogs that we took in appear to be in good health, but all have fur that is matted with dirt and feces, many are underweight and most are undersocialized," says Bruce Roney, OHS Executive Director. "They will all need to be shaved and bathed. Once we have done that, we will assess the dogs for adoption. Many will be placed with foster families—the puppies and their mothers until they are ready to be considered for adoption, and many others for socialization reasons. None of the dogs appear to be housetrained and many are quite undersocialized, which often happens when animal breeding gets out of control."

The dogs were surrendered by their owner. The OSPCA will determine whether any charges will be laid. "We're fortunate that, between our dog holding space right now and our foster homes, we were able to respond quickly along with our shelter partners. While we realize caring for these animals will strain our resources, we knew we needed to help, and we also know that we can find homes for these animals in our community," adds Roney.

At this time, the dogs are not available for adoption, however if you wish to assist with the care of the animals through a donation, please call 613-725-3166 ext. 252 or visit our online fundraising page for these dogs.
Muskoka Dog
OHS vet Dr. Shelley Hutchings examines one of the Muskoka rescue dogs (click for larger picture).
Muskoka Dog
One of the Muskoka dogs rescued by OHS (click for larger picture)

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