Friday, May 27, 2011

A Big Thank You!

On April 7th, the Ottawa Humane Society responded to a province-wide OSPCA request for assistance and rescued 34 terrier-mix dogs from a backyard breeder in the Muskoka region.

We helped with the removal of over 100 dogs that were housed in a cramped, filthy shed. 24 adult dogs and 10 puppies were brought back to our Ottawa shelter, where they are are being examined and treated as required by OHS veterinarians and veterinary technical staff.

They all needed to be shaved and bathed before being assessed for adoption. Fortunately for the OHS, dog groomer Deb Leclair volunteered her services to groom the dogs. During a week she groomed almost thirty dogs! Thanks to her hard work, the dogs felt better and were on their way to finding forever homes.

Thank you Deb for lending a helping “paw”! Big thank yous also to: Best Western Macie’s Hotel for giving Deb six nights of reduced price accommodations; Stop 'N' Bark in Rockland for free blade sharpening; and TLC Grooming for a grooming blade!

If you wish make a gift to help care for the Muskoka Rescue Dogs, please donate below.

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