Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OHS Pet of the Week: Armana the Budgie!

Armana the Budgie, A129619

When did she arrive/how long has she been here
• May 9, 2011 with 12 other budgies

Where from (stray, surrender etc.)
• Surrendered by her owner

• Budgie
• 1 year 6 months old
• Female
• Yellow and Green

• Friendly and affectionate, budgies can provide endless hours of pleasure and companionship. Most budgies require training to learn to talk, but even without words, they can charm you. Budgies will generally live between six and twelve years.

How can people meet/see her
• Visit the OHS website at to see photos and descriptions of Armana, her budgie friends, and all the animals available for adoption
• Stop by the OHS Adoption Centre weekdays 12 – 7pm, Saturdays 10am – 5pm.

Before adopting a budgie, consider the following:

• Budgies need daily attention and interaction.
• Budgies need nutritious food, fresh water and a clean habitat.
• All household members should understand how to handle and care for a budgie, and they should all be as eager as you to welcome a budgie into the family.

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