Monday, June 13, 2011

This "Gypsy" girl needs a home

In May 2010, the Ottawa Humane Society rescued a female dog from a roach-infested apartment filled with garbage. She is thought to be a shepherd-beagle mix, approximately 7 years old.

Gypsy was put up for adoption at the OHS, where she overcame her sad past and won the hearts of staff and volunteers. Seven months later, she was transferred to the Bullies In Need dog rescue.

She is a happy gal who wants to play and run, and although she can be stubborn, she's a smarty-pants. Gypsy loves hanging out with her people, and is calm and polite in the house with other dogs. During doggie playtime, she can get excited and is still learning to share with other dogs, so supervision is a must. Gypsy loves to work and run - and is very motivated by food and toys, so she could be an ideal jogging partner or agility dog!

There is an old Gypsy saying, "After bad luck comes good fortune."

Gypsy deserves a chance for a happy forever home. She is the kind of dog that will flourish with the right owner.

If you are interested in adopting Gypsy, or know someone else who is, please check out the Bullies in Need page or email

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