Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daring Duckling Rescue

A Good Samaritan called the Ottawa Humane Society on Wednesday, July 27 to report six ducklings trapped in a storm sewer near the South Keys shopping complex.

The ducklings were stuck in a grate in a small ravine, and the mother duck was outside sounding quite anxious – squawking for her ducklings to follow. Along the bottom of the grate were piles of dirt, branches, and other debris that had accumulated, stopping ducklings from coming up and out.

Agent Hammond reported to the scene. The agent walked down to the waters’ edge and removed debris about 2 feet wide from grate then stood back. The mother duck immediately entered the grate, rounded up her ducklings, jumped up and out and the ducklings followed, all except one.

The last little duckling kept running back and forth along the grate, not catching on as quickly as his siblings. But the mother remained, squawking until the last little guy managed to get out.

The family then swam up the stream toward a wooden area.

All in a day’s work for the hard-working Rescue and Investigations Services agents at the Ottawa Humane Society.

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