Friday, August 19, 2011

Sully not sullied at all

"We adopted our dog Sully from the OHS this past February. When we first met our dog he had the temporary name “Happy” and he was just coming off medication from being neutered, so we had to foster him first for about a week, but it took a lot less time to figure out he was the dog for us. Since adopting him he has gone through Level 1 training at Carolark dog school and is a proud graduate and he has been introduced to swimming up at our cottage and while it’s not his favourite activity, he is certainly good at it and he looks hilarious with his life jacket on! Anyway, I just wanted to thank all your staff for what they do day in and day out – adopting a dog has been an extremely rewarding experience and Sully has become an enormously loved member of our family."

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