Friday, September 2, 2011

Balou blogs from his new home

Hi, remember me?
Guess what?  My new owner loves me, and I love her.  She's never had a cat before so I'm teaching her what I like.

I love to run from the basement, up the stairs and down the hall to the spare room where I like to stretch on the bed and sleep on top of the chest of drawers. 

There are lots of windows to look out, and check what's going on.
Mom chats with me all the time. She knows when I need soft canned food for a treat, because I lead her to my bowl.  She says she's going to get me a scratch post because sometimes I like to pick on the Lazy Boy when she's watching TV.  I love when she scratches me under the chin and kisses me on the head.  I have to remind her to clean my kitty litter sometimes, she'll follow me to it. 

Thank you for giving me such good care while I lived with you at the Humane Society.  I miss my friends there, and hope they find a good home like I have.

Yours truly,


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