Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fly away home

The benefits of bird and small animal adoption

Fall is typically the time when birds fly south in search of warmer climates. The Ottawa Humane Society is hoping that many of its birds currently available for adoption will also find a warm place to stay this fall!

Birds make fascinating companions. With their colourful plumage and melodic songs, birds can provide hours of entertainment for doting owners. They require a cage large enough to allow for exercise and flight, perches and toys to provide stimulation and a diet that includes seeds, nuts, fresh greens and fruit. Many birds are compatible in pairs, and in fact are happier living with a bird buddy. So, during the month of November, consider adding two finches, budgies or lovebirds to your family!
Armana, A129619

To find out more about the the birds and other small animals currently available for adoption at the OHS, click here!

This is Armana, A129619, a female, yellow and green Budgie. She is almost two years old and was surrendered to the shleter by her owner on May 9, 2011. She is one of several budgies currently available for adoption at the Ottawa Humane Society.

The average lifespan of a budgie is 8 to 10 years. It is not unusual for a budgie to live to 14 years of age and the occasional budgie makes it to 20! To insure your budgie has a long and happy life, he or she needs : a clean cage, daily exercise, a healthy diet, and plenty of activity and companionship.

Stop by the adoption centre at 245 West Hunt Club Road and visit with Armana and the other animals, or call 613-725-3166 ext. 258 to speak with an adoption counselor about what type of pet is right for you.

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