Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Adoption "tail" contest challenge

We adopted our dog from the Ottawa humane society, and initially she was very shy and almost subdued. She has since become very comfortable and is much more relaxed. She is extremely eager to please! 

She was nervous about being out in the backyard at night when we first brought her home and she wouldn’t move away from the door. She’s over that now though and enjoys running around the yard finding the her favourite red ball!

She loves her long walks also and has gotten good on the leash. She loves her after-walk cookie and her new dog bed. She loves to chase our cats, they don’t love that too much but are getting used to her.  

I am so happy we have her as a new addition to the family!  We had lost our beloved previous dog earlier this year and the void that left was unbelievable. Our new addition has certainly helped fill that void. We are still learning to understand each other and are having a wonderful time.  She is a very gentle soul, eager to please and loves everyone.

I also wanted to mention that she is not a dog I would  have originally looked at in the shelter because I had pre-conceived ideas about her breed mix. I was completely wrong. As a result of this experience, I would encourage anyone coming into the shelter to be open to looking at different breeds. It was a “fluke” that my daughter asked about her, and the staff was able to tell us about her personality... we met her... and here we are! She has a home and we have her!!

Think YOU can top this story? Enter our contest for a chance to win a prize worth $250! Share your "tail" and help the OHS promote pet adoption as the right thing to do.

Make us laugh — make us cry. Give us your best adoption story; a story we can share with others to promote OHS adoption as the best way to add a pet to your family.

The contest closes Thursday, December 1 at 12:00 pm. For all the details on how to enter, please click here.

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