Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick catch saves cat

Early in November, OHS Rescue and Investigation Services agent Hammond responded to a call about a cat up a tree. When she arrived on the scene, she saw that the six-month-old kitten appeared bright and responsive.  She requested that the property owner bring an can of tuna and leave it in the area, monitoring regularly to see if the cat would come down on its own.
The following day agent Hammond returned as the kitten was still 40 feet up in the tree, so attempted to coax it down again, and this time it worked! A few quick shakes of some dry food in a bowl got the kitty’s attention and she immediately tried to climb down. 
A misstep on a thin branch caused the poor kitten to lose her grip and she was suddenly dangling by her front paws.  With no time to retrieve a net from her vehicle, agent Hammond removed her jacket hoping she could catch the cat if it tumbled. Sure enough, the kitten lost its grip entirely, and fell right into agent Hammond’s arms. She was taken right away to the OHS and checked out by a veterinarian.  Miraculously, she was not injured.
When no owner claimed the wayward cat, the beautiful tortoiseshell feline was spayed while she was at the OHS and was quickly adopted into a new home.  The new owner was very grateful that agent Hammond made the life-saving catch.  We bet “Amber” as her new owner named her, is thankful too!

Agent Hammond visits with Amber, the six-month-old kitten she managed to catch when it fell 40 feet from a tree.

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