Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Community cat rooms cause contentment

As I walked through our new Adoption Centre yesterday, I passed by a couple in their twenties with their faces pressed to the glass of one of the community cat rooms.

“You can go in to the rooms you know,” I told them.

The young woman’s eyes widened. “We can? You just MADE my day!”

I led them into the room where they could visit, stroke and pick up the cats. Of course, I immediately ceased to exist as they explored the room with a dozen or so mostly dozing cats.

We first saw community cat rooms when researching successful newer shelters across the country. In Edmonton, we saw visitors coming and going from these rooms. It went against everything we thought we knew about healthy housing of cats in shelters, but it was so astoundingly wonderful in so many ways we knew we had to try to make a visitor’s — and a cat’s — day.

Bruce Roney, Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

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