Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hoppy Holidays!

HO HO HO Hop over to the OHS to find your next best friend!

This is Speedy, A138365, an unaltered female, brown Dwarf rabbit.

She is about 2 years and 7 months old, and was surrendered by her owner on November 23.

Speedy is one of severeal rabbits and other small animals currently looking for a new home.

Rabbits are unique creatures who form tight bonds with their families and can make great companions. They are very social as well as active and playful. While their life expectancy varies with breed, rabbits can live anywhere from 5 to 15 years.
Why Rabbits Can Make Good Pets
·         Rabbits are social and with gentle handling are generally quite tame.
·         They are playful and entertaining to watch.
·         They can be litter trained. They also respond well to gentle training and sometimes can be trained to perform special behaviors or tricks.
What You Need to Know Before Deciding on a Rabbit

Rabbits need a great deal of interaction with their owners or other rabbits to be happy. Daily playtime and exercise outside of their cage are a necessity.

Rabbit pellets alone are not a sufficient diet – these pets need lots of roughage in the form of good quality hay and a variety of fresh vegetables. They do need to chew, so lots of safe chew toys should be provided, and any spaces where the rabbit is allowed to run must be carefully rabbit-proofed.

Rabbits need veterinarians, too! They should be spayed or neutered to keep them happy and healthy.
Click here for more information about adopting a pet from the Ottawa Humane Society!

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