Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The call to become a foster parent

It’s been a long time since I have had a puppy at home. Twenty-two years in fact. This Christmas I had two.

I thought it would be fun to foster over the holidays and we took in two four-week-old orphaned puppies from a litter of nine. The litter was not healthy and obviously weaned before time. Two had already become very ill and had to be euthanized.

We took home Rufus and his sister—the runt of the litter—Clementine. Clemmie was quite sickly, Rufus more hale and hearty. It was a surprise then when it was Rufus that suddenly “crashed” and sadly had to be euthanized. With much care and great advice from OHS staff, I am happy to report that Clementine is much stronger, gaining weight and growing.

I really had forgotten how challenging caring for a puppy is. She wakes up and begins wailing at 5:00am every morning. She’s not quite housetrained and of course the loss of her brother Rufus was heartbreaking for us.

Despite it all, do I recommend fostering? Yes. Clementine is very sweet and I am so happy to be helping an animal directly, and ultimately helping her to find her forever home.

Maybe next time a nice, quiet cat…

Bruce Roney
Ottawa Humane Society Executive Director

To find out more about becoming a foster volunteer at the OHS, please click here.

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