Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture perfect

Augusta Rowsome has been waiting for this day for a long time.

She and her family filled out an adoption request form with the Ottawa Humane Society eight months ago. They were waiting patiently for a standard poodle to become available, because Augusta suffers from allergies, and there are only a few breeds that do not aggravate her allergies.

They came to the OHS today to adopt Pavlova, an eight-year-old standard poodle. Though a new name is up for discussion, one thing's for sure: the poised poodle warmed up quickly to her new pack, especially Augusta, who was so excited to be welcoming the new furry family member.

The OHS loves when we can match the perfect dog to the perfect new family. Don't forget that if you do not see a dog you think may be a match for you on our website, you can still fill out an adoption request form and we can let you know if a specific  aged, sized or breed of dog becomes available. Sometimes it's worth the wait!

Augusta promised to send us some updates on how her curly companion is adjusting to her new home, so stayed tuned to this blog and our Facebook page for more on this story!

Click here for more information about adopting a pet from the OHS.

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